Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday!

I spent yesterday afternoon and a lot of this morning doing most of my Christmas shopping...which was actually a pretty good way to do it. Stores are a lot less crowded during weekdays, so I didn't feel at all rushed or stressed. Because I didn't really have good ideas on what to get people, I sort of had to go browse around...I couldn't just do it all online. Now, I have a couple hours to get it all wrapped. Have I ever mentioned that I hate wrapping presents? Well, I do.

Then we have to bring Frenchie to the airport, which will be tough on Munchkin:-(. They have had a really great visit, and he has been a lot of fun to have around. I think it is wonderful for her to have someone that she gets along with this well, and I also think it is going to be good for her in the long run to have discovered what a positive, healthy relationship can look like at such a young age. Unfortunately, it all comes with a really big "but" and one giant impediment.

So, on the one hand, I am incredibly sad for her that the two of them can only be together on such a limited basis. On the other, I am happy for her that she has found such a good friend that she enjoys so have to care for each other a lot to go through what they do to see each other even as often as they do. And, if I am being really honest, if they were in the same class at school, this likely would have come and gone like most 14 year old romances...I think the distance makes it all just a little bit more fairy-tale for them, and maybe that much more interesting.

Bottom line, she will cry a lot tonight, and that always breaks me up:-(

However, it is not all doom and gloom around here, because today is a super, special day...and a very big day for the other pregnant lady over here in AM-land:-) It's Big Sis' birthday!

Yay!!! Streamers and balloons and noisemakers and confetti all around!!! I have written a whole lot over the years about how awesome I think she is, and how great she has been to me and to Munchkin...and all of that still stands. Now, I will add that she is gonna be a great Mom, and a great Auntie to my two little ones. Should her baby-of-unknown-gender turn out to be a boy, I would totally let either of my girls date him:-)

The Brain Surgeon is throwing her a sort-of birthday party tonight...really we are having dinner and then a whole bunch of her friends are coming to meet us and hang out afterwards. Should be lots of fun, and will also serve to alleviate my major concern for the day: it will keep Munchkin busy and keep her mind maybe a little bit distracted.

And if that doesn't work...her forthcoming trip to St. John will certainly do the trick!

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Big Sis said...

Thanks, Sis. You are too sweet, and these "half-days" at the office are the ones that I miss you most! (Not that our usual liquid-lunch approach to these would really fly today).

I feel really bad for Munchkin, too. I sure am glad that we have a party for her to cheer her up, though! I am going to bring her some flowers, and give her at least one of her Christmas presents tonight; that should help.