Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I have sent a bunch of emails to blog-friends, and have also conversed with some of you over the last couple of days on other things...but if I missed you, please have a wonderful Christmas (or day off, for my non-Christian readers)!

The Boy and I, and Munchkin, are headed over to Twin Sister's place for dinner tonight...which is something of a landmark family event for them: first big Christmas meal at Twin Sister's house, and she is adorably nervous about it. She told me yesterday "AM, this is a big responsibility...I could totally ruin Christmas!" She'll do great, though!

[By the a day or two, can someone remind me to write a little thing about her Mother-in-Law? She really, really rubs me the wrong way, but now is not the time].

Speaking of Munchkin...she is holding up OK, but she is definitely kinda bummed. She did pretty well at the airport (it was a super-sweet kiss good-bye and it broke my heart just a little bit) but she really broke down in the car. She kinda started out alright, but as she talked about it, she really melted...just basically over the unfairness of it all. Not a whole lot of reason that you can impart to an emotional 14 year old girl that just said good-bye to the love of her life for probably at least six months or so:-(

She definitely perked up for Big Sis' birthday party, and being around a lot of people was helpful. As she promised yesterday, Big Sis did indeed bring her flowers and an early Christmas present (a super cute scarf...she is a big scarf wearer;-)) to cheer her up. And all of that worked, but when we got home, she got really bummed out again. She had a little bit more crying to do, so I slept in her bed with her just so she didn't feel lonely. Definitely woke up to find her sleeping with her hand on my tummy...kicking babies makes everyone happy:-)

She talked to Frenchie this morning to make sure he got home OK, and just because she missed him. So, now I have to get her out of the house so she stops sulking;-). Not real sure what we are gonna do...maybe just walk around, look at decorations, have lunch somewhere and do some window shopping. Just something to keep her busy.

With that, I am out! Here's wishing you a happy, healthy Holiday full of family and good Cheer!


Jane226 said...

That Munchkin story is just so sweet! Hope you have a great Christmas!

Thisisme said...

Merry Christmas to all of you!!! (:

Our Happy Married Life... said...

sooo sweet that she was sleeping with her hand on your belly. she's going to be a fantastic aunt. if you see this before you get my email...check your email! :)

Windy City Kelley's said...

Ahhh, young love is too cute! happy Holidays!