Thursday, December 17, 2009

The final final

One last final in 20 minutes, and then I am DONE with semester #1 of graduate school! A couple of my classmates are coming over for lunch before some of then take off for the break, and then I plan on not thinking about supply curves, cost of capital, operational bottlenecks, 7 M's, five forces, four p's (or three french hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree for that matter;-)).

The big news after that is that Munchkin is leaving school early today so that we can go to the airport and pick up Frenchie (and to drop off my friend and her husband so that they can get back to Venezuela for the holiday). I haven't actually had a chance to talk with her much about this visit, but we should have about 45 minutes to sit and chat at the airport.

I know that she is super excited, which is to be expected. And, not that she needs a lot of guidance, but I do want to just make sure that we are on the same page on a couple of ground rules. I don't think it will be an issue...the two of them were very respectful when we stayed with them this summer, and I expect the same...but I just want to set the expectations explicitly.

And yes, this is partially influenced by an incredibly awkward conversation that I had with her a few weeks ago...I will keep that offline, though (definitely in the category of "Things I am glad she asks me and that I want her to talk to me about, but that I would much rather she simply not thought about at all"). Basically, he is not coming to visit so that they can make out for a week;-).

OK...exam time...wish me luck!


Our Happy Married Life... said...

hate jesus?????

Mrs. Adventure said...

Testing...1...2.. Testing 1... 2... Hey there just wanted to let you know you have a new groupie (wink).

Rachel H. said...

Good Luck with your last exam! And can't wait to hear about the visit as the week goes by!

Lisa said...

Good luck!

laurwilk said...

GOOOOD LUCK! You are so close to being done.

And for the record, I am very happy to be back here commenting. I missed it. I think I better set my priorities straight next semester. Reading blogs before reading academic articles!

I want to hear about this convo!

(My word verification is 'ampolite'. Ha, I like it!)