Saturday, May 05, 2007

Relationship Wisdom of the Ages

Yesterday when I said that there would be no posts this weekend, well...I lied. Boo hoo. You get one today (but none tomorrow and I doubt that I will get the chance to approve comments, so sit tight:-))

We are leaving for the weekend in a little bit, but I wanted to check in with a funny story. After work last night me and the twerp went out for Mexican food (it was the Quatro de Mayo, after all;-)) and met up with The Boy, Smoking Hot Roommate, The Rocket Scientist and then eventually a handful of other friends.

The weather was beautiful and it was clear that there were going to be a ton of people out, which means that eventually we would have trouble finding a place that would let Munchkin in. I guess maybe that is a sign that I should not take her to so many bars...whatever, you raise your kids and I will raise mine. Well, my Mother's kid, but you get the point...

So, we decided to have a little party of our own. About 15 people came over to hang out on the deck and drink a giant bucket of margaritas. It was a lot of fun, and was sort of an early night (for us at least: a bunch of our friends were going out afterwards). When The Boy has a couple of drinks, he gets super cute and gets really frisky, The sex gets a little more aggressive, and he talks a lot more, too, all of which I am a big fan of (I love dirty this TMI?)

There is a downside, though...which is that he snores He tends to snore whenever he sleeps on his back, and it is worse if he has had a couple of drinks (and also harder to get him to roll over and stay rolled over.) By about 3:00, I had been woken up for the last time, so I left him in my bed and went in to sleep with Munchkin.

She may not put out, but she also doesn't snore!!!

I climbed into her bed, and she immediately woke up entirely, leading to the following conversation:

Munchkin: Are you OK?
Me: Yea, go back to sleep.
Munchkin: You're sure everything is OK?
Me: Yup, I couldn't sleep.
Munchkin: Did you guys have a fight?
Me: No, not at all, I just couldn't sleep.
Munchkin: If you had a fight you should make up before you go to bed.
Me: We didn't have a fight, he is snoring and I can't sleep
Munchkin: Oh, OK.

And then she was sleeping again before I even finished thinking "How on earth does she know 'Never go to bed angry'?"


Princess Extraordinaire said...

What a cute story - I am glad you two have each other

Aaron said...

She read it on my blog. :P

Accidentally Me said...

Princess Extraordinaire - I'm a lucky girl:-)

Aaron - You know...I bet that where she got it:-P

Great minds...