Thursday, May 31, 2007

School's Out

Today is the first day of summer vacation for Munchkin. Who is jealous? I know I am...that is by far the worst part about working. School always ended. Bad class? Bad teacher? Just getting sick of something? Every couple of months it ended you got some time off, and then it started up again. Work, on the other hand...goes on forever.

I know that this is rich coming from a girl who went well over her allotted 21 days off last year (a week in Mexico, a week in Florida, a week at the beach, a week in the hospital and a week in Chicago for my cousins random days here and there.) But you all get the was made up of a series of finite periods of time surrounded by vacations, while work goes on for 40 straight years.

Anyway, I am sure all of the parents out there can identify with one minor inconvenience of children: what the fuck do you do with them when they don't have school to go to? It is a real pain in the ass. And I am used to her being at school until it's not like I even have regular day care arrangements beyond school that I can just scale up during the summer.

Fortunately, she is at an age where she can do lots of things. She has a couple of weeks of camp, and some school-related stuff. And she is going to Chicago for a week to visit her brother, and she is going to the beach for a week with me (and my father's family), a week with Big Sis and a week with her brother. And one of her friends' Moms (who happens to be SHR and Big Sis' cousin:-)) has a daughter in her class, and they hang out at their house a lot. They live in a town and a neighborhood with tons of kids, and can roam about more unsupervised there than they could in the city.

So it all gets patched together, but keeping them busy all summer is a task. Incidentally, I talked with Tinkerbelle for a bit last night (I was almost in the middle of having sex when the phone rang:-) I didn't relay that information, though...I had been waiting for the call, so I did answer the phone, which I would normally not do) and she is insanely jealous of Munchkin's school schedule. Her school runs another couple of weeks, and I believe she requested to transfer...


Smoking Hot Roommate said...

Screw it, let's quit our jobs and go on summer vacation with her. It will be loads of fun!

Kate said...

i wish i got to travel as much as you all do.

LeiselB said...

I am so with you on that...I was thinking that very thought (well, not going with Munchkin but how much I prefer the academic calendar to the working one) earlier today as I crossed the street in sunshine only to land inside in an office. Blech.