Tuesday, May 01, 2007

When the cat's away

I had this discussion with Ella W yesterday...about how much fun it is when the boss (or bosses) are away from work. It has nothing to do with my job...I literally love my job and all of the people I work with, and don't believe there is any job that I would (realistically) trade this one for.

I even like my bosses. And not just as bosses...they are good friends. There are five partners here, so there are five "big bosses". The biggest of the big bosses is Papa Bear, one of my very favorite people on Earth. (Sometimes I forget that I have people who just started reading recently...Papa Bear is NOT actually my Father, we just kinda pretend that he is:-)...it is all spelled out in this post.) Another of the big bosses is Boss Foxy, who is a mentor and a very close friend.

So, I like my bosses so much that I choose to spend time with them outside of work. But...it is still really nice when they are out of the office! Yesterday there were a handful of related meetings in the afternoon, so we were busy as all get out in the morning, but then everyone that mattered was gone after lunch. Just me, the admins (yes, Billy...THAT admin...) and two other people on the investment staff were in the office.

So what did we do? Well...kinda nothing:-D I did a lot of IM'ing, and some shopping (well, browsing) and some chatting on the phone. And I think that is true of every office, no matter how dedicated people are and how hard they work. I work with a ton of people who qualify as "achievers" and extremely hard workers, but we still get excited when the bosses leave the office!

I think it is just a natural reaction...even if your boss is nice and fair, you still feel a certain sense of freedom when they are gone. If I had anything that really needed to get done, I would have happily done it...but it is just a really liberating feeling to be boss-free.

They are, however, all back this morning, which means I need to get to work...phooey!


Still just me said...

In the nursing home where I work, administration does not work on the weekends. All the CNA's and nurses are more laid back and relaxed. We still get the job done, but we don't feel pressured to "keep moving" at all times.

Anonymous said...

that sounds like a great environment to work in. lucky you.

i have a great relationship with my boss too. i've known her for 15 years, worked for her for 10 years. i pretty much do whatever i want at work. it's great.

ella w. said...

actually work? yes, it's great that the boss is out of the office. makes it a great week for me to interview. haha.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

You're lucky to work in such a great enviornment...it sounds like you get along well with everyone

Jordan said...

I like working sat and sundays for that reason only... we were told the other day that we are to use the internet for "work related" purposes only... I guess some people use the pull down history on the browser bar and see match.com, yahoo.com, rentclicks.com... etc. But they konw we use google a lot to look things up that ARE work related.. SO.. this takes a little more time, but I go into google and just type in the place I really want to go, that way it doesn't show up on the pull down history bar! I know the IT guys know what we're doing but screw them.. you try working a 12 hour shift without checking your email or blogs... bah!!!