Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Seeing things through a new lense

I have kind of a sappy post today, one that I alluded to yesterday. This sort of stems form this weekend, from being around Big Sis and Smoking Hot Roommate as they kind of revisited a past life. All of Big Sis' London friends always knew SHR as the kid sister who came to visit, not necessarily as an adult.

I need to back up and cover some old ground. They are about 7 years apart in age...just far enough that they have always been at really different stages of their lives, but near enough to have been extremely close. They are sisters, but they are also best friends. I never remember a day when they didn't talk at length at least once, even when Big Sis was in London and SHR was in Arizona.

When SHR was about 7, their Mom got extremely sick, and about five years later, she died of Ovarian cancer. It was a long and very painful battle and left them both (Big Sis was 19, SHR was 12) without a mother. They had an adoring and loving Father (this is also part of the reason that they are both so incredibly close to him), but Big Sis did a lot of "Mom" things for SHR... (In this sense, there are parts of their relationship that are similar to mine and Munchkin's.)

When Big Sis got out of college, she took a job in London and moved. SHR went to visit almost every month throughout High School and then pretty regularly in college, too. So, to all of Big Sis' London friends, SHR was the kid sister that visited and tagged along with them. They knew them both when Big Sis was more "Mom" than she is now. I never knew them together until they were about 18 and which point the dynamic had changed.

So for me, this weekend was like seeing then 10 years ago, when both were struggling to adjust to a life without Mom, and they were settling into their roles as sisters. I just love the is sort of hard to describe, but they are just so in tune with each other. It seems like they are always in each other's thoughts...Big Sis has an old habit of looking out for her little sister, and SHR has a natural tendency to want to ask permission and win the approval of Big Sis. There is an entire lifetime of love there, and it is a really beautiful thing to see.

They are both older now, both on the verge of being married and having their own families. And both have found it in their hearts to welcome two more pretend sisters into their lives:-) But they still have a very special bond, and nothing is going to break that.

They are still best friends.

They may not even know that they do this, and they may yell at me for telling...but sometimes they hold hands when they walk next to each other:-)


allbilly said...

I see you are being postitive, kind, appreciative and introspective again. YOU NEED MEDS...just kidding. Nice post.

Double-A said...

Are you jealous that someone else (besides yourself) is holding hands with SHR? :D

brandy said...

I see how the boys handle sappy posts,- with lots of jokes! ;) As for your post, it was well written and I enjoyed it. And I think everyone needs someone who they can yell so loud with spit comes out of their mouth, but who also holds their hand.

Anonymous said...

that's a beautiful relationship to share with anyone and i envy them it.

Still just me said...

I wish I had a sister to hold hands with. That is really sweet.

Ally said...

I love reading about how people (like Big Sis) really shine through after tragedy has struck. Reading this post almost made me wish I had a big sister....but my younger sister provided enough hair-pulling, biting, and the like.

big sis said...

I really liked this! And I am not afraid to admit that I hold hands with my baby sister!

Anonymous said...

love the holding hands part, which reminds me of my own sisters cause we used to do that too. i can tell how much love and admiration there is in your words, lovely post ! (and not a bit sappy ;-)