Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back for a day

Good morning peeps! I hope you didn't miss me too much! Or get turned off by my way-overly-serious Mother's Day post;-)

Work has been a total bitch the last two days, and will be for the next two. I was out of the house at 7:00 each of the last two days and didn't get home until after 8:00...and now I have two day trips tomorrow and Friday what will make those days even longer. Boo hoo, woe is me;-) (I know...I suppose I can't openly acknowledge being overpaid and then bitch about the work, huh?)

Today, however, is just a regular day at the office writing up notes from the last two days...combined with a likely long lunch to soften the blow of the rest of the week. Now this, I can handle!

In even more important news, it is so close to almost summertime that it almost hurts! We threw around the idea of heading to the beach this weekend, but it looks like the weather is going to make that a bad idea. Next weekend is Memorial Day, so we will likely head down unless the weather is going to be really, really awful. And that, to me, is really the beginning of the season.

Another sign that summer is very nearly upon us...Munchkin has 10 days of school left...yikes. She is moving to the beach pretty much right after that, her brother is coming out on Monday the 1st, and she starts work the following week. We will see if she likes working as much in reality as she does conceptually:-)

Speaking of...she seems to have found herself in another interesting social situation driven by the basic fact that boys love her. About a week and a half ago, she met a boy at a friend's house...friend of the girl's brother, I think. She seemed to like him well enough, and he obviously liked her because he called late last week to ask her out (which, again, means something like pizza, or maybe a movie).

Which leaves her in a bit of a bind...she clearly likes this boy or else she wouldn't have wanted to say yes...but she is also somewhat torn about Frenchie, who she very obviously cares a lot about. Never mind that this is way too complicated for a girl that is 14... Fortunately, she was busy last weekend, so she had a built in excuse to not give the new boy an answer immediately.

So, she beat herself up over it for a few days (note: she didn't actually ask for my advice until Saturday;-)). When she finally did ask, I told her that I thought she should go out with the new boy if she wanted to. And that she should be totally honest with Frenchie about it, as well. I just basically think it is a bad idea for a girl that young to be avoiding social opportunities in the name of a "relationship" that is hindered by as much time hers is with the French boy. At the same time, there is nothing to be gained by keeping secrets, either.

I didn't listen to her conversation with Frenchie, but I think that is what she did. She said that he was clearly kind of upset about it, but he didn't get mad or anything, and told her that she should go ahead and have a good time. So, he said all of the right things, even if he was maybe a little mad about it. Not sure what she has written to or heard from him since then...

And now she has a date on Friday night with the new boy (a date which will be likely over with or close to it before I get home...which means that The Boy is in charge of making sure she doesn't leave the house dressed like a hoochie...:-P)). I am still not sure she feels 100% OK about it, but I think she did the right thing.

That, I suppose, is about it. Super, super busy week at work...impending summer...and social demands on Munchkin...

Oh...and Idol. Seriously, the emperor has no clothes...Adam SUCKS! His butchered One last night, turning it into a whiny, indulgent, screechy piece of sap. By the end of Crying, they were fighting over themselves to suck up to him more than the previous judge, and all I could think was "My ears hurt, and I would have rather he shut up and just let the backup singer sing..."

Didn't see Danny, and only saw Kris' second song, which was phenomenal. I am voting for him (not really, but if I were a voter, I would vote for him.)


Ys said...

I can't wait 'til summer either! The beginning of the week was glorious and then it turned to grey cloud. I'm hoping it clears up by the weekend :) Your beach plans sound great!

Ezekiel said...

My wife and I were 4000 miles away when we met and fell in love. We agreed that if a social opportunity came up we should take it. It was unrealistic to miss potential happiness in hopes of something working out with us. I was 16 at the time and she was 18.

Less than two years later I moved to the UK to be with her and now almost 10 years later we're still here and very happy.

She definitely did the right thing and I'm pleased Frenchie saw that she did too.