Friday, May 22, 2009

Grade Seven? File it away

I called my doctor yesterday to tell her about my weight issues, and she called me back in pretty short order with a completely non-panicked response that made me feel better. Her advice, based on an intensive study of medical journals, and years of training and expensive schooling was: "Gain weight". She has set a target for me of 99 pounds (45 kilos for my foreign readers:-P). I will keep your posted on my progress.

Essentially, I am back on a modified version of the diet that she gave me a couple of years ago that I affectionately call "The Ice Cream Diet". Unfortunately, there are no explicit instructions to eat ice cream this time around...just foods that are high in calories and nutrients. Nothing crazy, just a concerted effort to get enough protein and other good stuff: like I am not supposed to eat a salad unless it has some kind of meat on it :-). Ice cream is acceptable, but not necessarily as encouraged as it was last time...

Chicken fingers last night, which only partially meets the criteria. The chicken is good, but the french fries are not (deep fried carbs are bad on any diet, as it turns out). So, I was a bad dieter on day one, but I promise to get better:-).

Speaking of chicken fingers, Munchkin is incredibly excited for summer, and I don't blame her. She has three days of school left next week, and all of them are basically half days...and since she is done with her year-end exams, she is, for all intents and purposes, an eight grader. We are packing up a lot of her stuff to bring to the beach today, and will take another big load of it next weekend, at which point I am leaving her when I come home:-(

It is still not too late to talk me out of this...

The weather is not gonna be great, but I am still excited to head to the beach for the long weekend. Summer needs to be kicked off, damnit!!!

Have a good one, everyone:-)


Smoking Hot Roommate said...

Can't wait to get to the beach! We don't need good weather to have a good time!

Project "Fatten up AM" can commence immediately!

Anonymous said...

Ah, some beach time would be perfect. Sadly, no beach of any kind is close to here.

Hope you gain some weight quickly! (And thanks for the "Translation" from pounds into kg) ;-)

Ys said...

I work in stones/pounds. I always have to divide these numbers by fourteen to get the weight so I know what you're talking about ;) Good luck with the diet. I know gaining weight can be just as difficult as losing it.

Aww I hope everything goes all right with Munchkin's move.