Thursday, May 28, 2009

Who knew I could like the office this much?

OK...I seem to have gotten through the bulk of this work stuff, which will allow me to spend a lovely day g-chatting, surfing the Internet, and planting ideas in the boys heads for my fabulous going-away present (is lobbying for this bad form? Probably...)

Other than that, I am ready for another weekend...two days of work is plenty for me to be ready:-). And, this, of course, is a big one since Munchkin is not coming back with us (not entirely true...she is coming back on Sunday, but riding down with her brother on Monday morning when he gets here...for all intents and purposes, she is moving down there this weekend.) I still have some anxiety over this, both because I am worried about how it will work out and because I will just plain miss her all the time. But overall, I am feeling pretty comfortable about it. For now.

I was happy to hear that he managed to pick up a little bit of work while he will be down there. I mentioned before that he is essentially taking all of his vacation time to do this for her, and that his wife is taking two weeks off from work, so I know that it was a financial sacrifice for both of them...even though they were glad to do it. But I guess he called a couple of mechanics down there to explain that he would be there, was certified in whatever mechanics get certified in, and could help out part time if they needed it.

One of them responded right away that June was always incredibly busy for him as people come back to the island after the winter and need whatever vehicles they left there fixed...and that he could really use some help, especially on the weekend in the middle of his visit. So, it looks like he will be able to work for at least 20-25 hours and offset some of the burden. I hadn't even thought of anything like that, but I was glad to hear that he worked it out.

Moving right along to more enjoyable bachelorette party is coming up, but I don't know exactly when, nor do I know what we are doing. Smoking Hot Roommate is in charge, and she is keeping the details a secret (well, a secret to me, but not anyone else.) Originally I had wanted it to be somewhere that Munchkin could come for the whole thing, but I have a feeling that I will not really be in a kind of state to be a responsible example, so that got nixed pretty quickly. My guess is we will hang out here the first night and do something a little more low-key so she can come, and then we will head somewhere else and drink our tits off after that:-P

Should we start guessing?


Ys said...

Aw good luck for the weekend! :)

The Bachelorette do sounds like it should be fun. When will you find out the details? On the night or beforehand? It all sounds very exciting :)

Ally said...

Gah, I'm glad you've got this work thing under control and can return to the wonderful world of gchat :) Too bad I'm so busy (but not too busy to read this post, obviously).

So I would guess Vegas but that feels too predictable. Maybe Mexico? Or wait, are you guys staying in town?