Friday, May 29, 2009

How can I write so much about so little?

I realized today that I am approaching 700 posts on this blog...and that let me to a bit of a "Holy Shit" moment. That is a whole lot of writing. Much of it about almost nothing at all:-) To be honest, I am not sure how school will affect my blogging this fall, so I am kind of approaching a blog-crossroads in the near term. However, I am not going to worry about that today. Maybe I will deal with that on Wednesday when I write the actual 700th post. Or maybe not.

Headed to the beach right after looks like we will have another OK-but-not-great weekend. The forecast is calling for a lot of sun, but temperatures in the low-mid 60's. Not exactly beach weather, but certainly nice enough to enjoy ourselves. (Side note: I am weirdly nervous and fidgety and a touch queasy...hopefully I will be over it by Monday. I will likely cry.)

Since several of you have asked me privately, I will give you a wedding update. I think we have a date in September, but it is still not set in stone. I will have to know by the beginning of July so that I can have new invitation printed and mailed in time. The vendors have all said that they can either do any Saturday in September, or they can recommend someone else if they are booked. In summary, the date change is not really phasing me a whole lot right now...and hopefully it will not. Really, I only care about who can and can't make it. The rest of the planning is not that important.

Dress should be ready next week:-) None of it is fitted too finely that my gaining a couple of pounds over the summer should matter, so I am not really worried about that.

And just in case you need to feel a little bit jealous: Munchkin's last day of school was yesterday, so she is officially on summer vacation. Ahh, those were the days!

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Ys said...

It's perfect beach weather here :) I've spent every evening walking down the beach ;)

I hope everything goes okay for you with Munchkin this weekend. I would guess it'll get better with time, as you both get used to the new arrangements. You can always go down there and tell her you've changed your mind at any time ;)