Thursday, May 21, 2009

Not this again...

I'm happy that Kris Allen won Idol last night, for all of the reasons that I have mentioned previously. Despite the coolness bonus that Adam gets for knowing So Midwestern, he just never really did it for me. Black finger nail polish? What year is it anyway?

Enough of that, though...I have a more pressing problem. I put on a skirt that I haven't worn in a while yesterday, and noticed that it was really big on me. I guess I was partially aware of having maybe lost a little weight, but I was surprised at how loose it was. So, I broke out the scale when I got out of the shower this morning to just do a little check-in on my always-troublesome weight.

94 pounds.

I definitely didn't realize I was that thin all of a sudden. It is only five or six pounds less than my normal weight for the last year and a half or so...but that makes a lot of difference at my size. And I am not real sure what the past, it has been stress related, but I don't really feel overly stressed lately. There is some shit going on, and changes coming up related to marriage and school and Munchkin moving out for the summer...but none of it has made me lose any sleep, really.

So, I guess I gotta start worrying about this again. Bollocks.


laurwilk said...

Yep, people are going to hate you for this post. :)

It's strange how it happens without us noticing. When I came home from Cambodia, I was shocked at how little I weighed. I didn't think I looked thin (or good, even) and I had been eating pizza for lunch every single day.

Looks like you better stop at the store on your way home and pick up some tubs of ice cream!

Jane226 said...

Crossing my fingers that it turns out to be nothing serious!

Ys said...

I have a friend who was often underweight. It was stress-related with her too, and then it led to medical problems. The doctors put her on sterroids one time to try to stablize her weight. I'm not sure whether that would work for you or if you'd consider it but it did work for my friend for a time.

I hope it all works out for you :)