Wednesday, May 06, 2009

THIS....Is American Idol

OK...we are down to the final four on Idol and I have written very little about this season, despite obviously watching it.

I will say it again...I don't get Adam, even though he will likely win if the judges have anything to say about it. He never misses a note and everything is really polished...but he has a crappy voice!!! It is thin, and too high-pitched and he screeches way too much. He also prances and poses way too much. I know I have made this comparison before, but he really strikes me as the runner-up to be lead singer of The Darkness. And really, what is his niche? What kind of music is he gonna make that people will buy?

That said, he does know So Midwestern, so that has to count for something:-)

I think Chris will sell the most records. He has a much more clear commercial style than the others...the Jack Johnson/John Mayer school of Dave Matthews Derivatives. Cute enough, nice enough voice.

I love Allison! She is only 17 and it shows...she is not quite as polished as the others and not quite as clear on who she is just yet. But man can she sing! She has a voice like a 40 year-old chain smoking whiskey drinker! She does need a stylist, though;-) dunno. I always feel like he is trying a little too hard to sound like he has a raspy voice? And he is always so awkward moving around the stage...stop dancing, Danny! At his best he has a cool Joe Cocker thing going on...but at his worst he has a really cheesy Joe Cocker impression going on;-)

Anyway, I think that Allison will go home tonight, Chris will go next week and Adam and Danny will be the finalists. I think Adam will probably win, but I wouldn't be totally shocked if Danny did. I know I am not the only non-fan of Adams, and he does generate some pretty visceral reactions...Danny is less offensive and has a more compelling personal story, too.

But...the other two have a better chance of still being around in 10 years...


Becky said...

I pretty much agree with what you've said. Adam is a novelty, Kris would sell records tomorrow, Allison is super talented, but doesn't get the respect and Danny could make a living being a Wiggle or other kids type performer.

dawn said...

I don't know... I really like Adam. I think he's incredibly talented and puts a spin on every song that just says "WOW!" even if I don't love the spin that he chose.

Kris. He's a cutie. And I'm continually impressed with him, even though I think, every time before he starts singing, that he'll suck. I thought he was terrific last night, actually, despite the judging to the contrary.

You took the words out of my mouth regarding Allison.

As for Danny Gokey (really? could you be an idol with the last name Gokey?), I used to like him. I guess I was on the sympathy train regarding his dead wife and then his dead grandfather. Then he started grating on me. Then I heard -- from someone's blog who works for the production company -- that he's a prick. That was it. I was totally off of him. And while I think he's a good karaoke singer, he's no idol.