Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Getting ready

As I mentioned yesterday, Munchkin's date on Friday turned into a triple date with two of her friends and two of his. I got a somewhat bizarre message from one of the girl's mother's during the day asking if I could just come over and hang out for a bit while the girls were getting ready. Since we stayed over on Thursday night, I knew I would be home earlier than expected on Friday, so I agreed.

The eventual plan was for the girls to meet the boys at the movie theater at 7:30. The preparation plan was for the girls to get together at 6:00 to get ready...which means bringing a whole bunch of clothes over to one girl's house and then trying different things on and re-fixing each other's hair for an hour and a half.

We got there at about 6:15, and both girls and their mothers were there. Very quickly, I realized why I was needed...to settle disputes between mothers and daughters. First of all, Munchkin very quickly decided on a white polo, a long hippie skirt and a big leather belt that she borrowed from me. Perfectly acceptable:-)

After that, there was a comic parade of arguments. A shirt cut way too low...another cut way too high. Jeans that hung too low (given a shirt that hung too high). A skirt cut WAY too high (it would have been a cute short skirt two years ago...when she was six inches shorter:-)). And then the make-up...

Generally, I felt like the Moms were right...girls that age are still trying to figure out how to dress themselves to look cute without looking too suggestive. And most of their errors were on the suggestive side. They are new to having boobs and hips and they have all grown a lot recently and just haven't quite gotten used to dressing their new bodies. Or, apparently, putting on eye shadow;-)

There were also a couple of things that I thought were cute and not slutty, though...so I did my best to play peacemaker. The girls tend to listen to me more than they listen to their Moms; I am, after all, the coolest Mom in the seventh grade;-).

I also agreed to go and meet them at the theater after the movie to bring them home...because, again, I am way cooler than being picked up by your Mom. The Boy was kinda beat from a long week, so he was cool with a quiet dinner and parent duty...I am sure that he was also really interested in giggly teenage girl ramblings about boys. While both of her friends were pretty smitten (at least with the idea of being smitten), Munchkin was a little less excited about the new boy after the date than she was before. Maybe more on that later...

After that, it was a pretty quiet weekend. Soccer game Saturday, some bumming around, went out to watch the horsies on Saturday (yea, girl horse!!!) and then went out with some friends pretty late. Slept late Sunday, then just kinda hung out. Pretty nice weekend:-)


laurwilk said...

In 8th grade, my very favorite outfit was this sage green long, hippie skirt and a white polo short (sort of). I'm very happy with Munchkin's pick!

Good job, Mom!

Smoking Hot Roommate said...

Munchkin knows that she looks incredibly hot in whatever she wears. Why waste time trying on different things if they all look gorgeous?

Ys said...

I used to love short skirts when I was about fourteen. They never looked slutty-short somehow. I think the fashion was a lot different then though ;) Girls are encouraged to grow up way too fast clothes-wise these days, aren't they?

Good on The Boy for putting up with giggling teenagers ;) Whenever you mention how giggly they get together I am immediately transported back to and can hear the high-pitched non-stop giggling I used to do hehehe

Still just me said...

This brings me back to eye liner lit with a lighter and loads of sparkly eyeshadow!