Wednesday, July 22, 2009

20 Questions from Smoking Hot Roommate love at all for Miley Cyrus. I am a little surprised at that.

But anyway, the following is a quiz that Smoking Hot Roommate put together, and I am amazingly entertained by it! She did an totally outstanding job and rifled through the archives to come up with a really tough set of questions! There is no way on earth that anyone will get all 20, I don't think, but some of you must know some of them.

My fear is that maybe it is a little too long and difficult, so you can feel free to just send me one answer at a time if you want to. I will keep them all straight so that you don't feel like you have o devote several solid hours to answering questions about a blogger you have never met;-)


For those of you that haven't picked up on her hints this week, today is Accidentally Me's 27th birthday. [Picture balloons, streamers, noisemakers, confetti and lots of cake in order to get yourself into the right kind of festive mindset.] In honor of the birthday girl, I would like to play a little game of 20 Questions with all of her blog readers.

I spent some time yesterday (WAY too much!) putting together this quiz, which will test your knowledge of AM and of the people that she writes about regularly. Some of the questions are pretty easy, and some of them are quite tricky. Because not all of the answers are explicitly stated, your powers of deduction will be valuable here as well. Finally, I have tried to make it so that you can't get the answers simply by using the search function.

Alright, then. Here we go!!!

  1. What is AM's favorite band?

  2. She has one small scar. Where is it, and how did she get it?

  3. There is a decal in the back window of AM's car. What is it?

  4. My wonderful husband, The Rocket Scientist, had a different blog name in the beginning. What was it?

  5. AM was promoted on her first day at her job. Why?

  6. AM has two unique roles in her office. One is client-related and one is more of an internal role. What are they?

  7. She once gave my Mom a nickname. What was it?

  8. What magazine issue did AM once announce was required reading for any of her listeners with daughters?

  9. Where did we go to college?

  10. From what country is Munchkin's favorite soccer player?

  11. What kind of car does AM have?

  12. Munchkin once did a wine tasting. Where was it?

  13. During her years in London, who did Big Sis work for?

  14. Where, specifically, did The Boy propose?

  15. AM wears a pair of diamond earrings on most days. Where did they come from?

  16. With what friend does AM share the distinction of having a last name that belongs to no one else that she is related to?

  17. Where is the beach house that AM is so fond of?

  18. What kind of dog does Papa Bear have?

  19. Munchkin has a winter hat that AM has referenced several times. What does the hat say?

  20. What term of affection have Munchkin and Tinkerbelle coined to describe their relationship (they share a half-sister, but are not actually related)?

And finally, extra credit:

  • Many of you know her real identity through chat or email. But can you find the post in which she all but told everyone what her first name is?

  • And super extra credit...what's my last name? Because she has hinted at that, too!


Me again:-) Many thanks to SHR for this, which I find to be really fun!

If you wish to play, submit your answers via email or comment (although I won't publish the comments, so don't worry about what you write:-)). I am going to have to make some scoring adjustments, since I have told some of your the answers...but I will work that out after I get your responses.

We are still working out the prizes, and part of it depends on how sincerely you play! More effort will generate more effort on our part to find you a prize:-). If you would like, I can direct you to a link of a picture of Smoking Hot Roommate's boobs:-D

THAT is a good prize!!!


Anonymous said...

Holy cow! This is a hard quiz but I am going to try to answer all the far as the bonus questions....I really must have missed something, and I have read all the posts. Is there a deadline for answers?

Accidentally Me said...

Nikkee - I have a feeling that five or six answers could be a winner! I definitely gave away my name once, and was surprised when no one noticed! SHR's is tougher...I don't think you will figure that out.

No deadline as of yet, I will definetly give people some time, and I will warn you a few days ahead of whenever I cut it off.

vera said...

Will you post the answers to these questions in a blog?

Dawn said...

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Secondly, I'm not even going to TRY this quiz. Partly because I'm busy with work, but mostly because I'm a sore loser. ;-)

Are you going to publish the answers after the results are tallied? Some of the questions have got me very curious.

Anonymous said...

Soooo, first of all: HAPPY BITHDAY!!!! :-)
Hope you had a great day.

As for the quiz: wow. I am proud to announce that I have red all the posts but I am really struggling with A LOT of the questions. But I will try!!

Irene said...

Well, happy belated Birthday first of all.

Been going through your blog for a while now and am still struggling with a few questions, especially the extra credit one about SHR's last name.

But it's fun and as I haven't been following you from the start its a good way to find some posts I haven't read yet through the search...

Aaron said...

I should have paid more attention...

1. The Killers
2. The scar is on your lips; I don't recall how you got it.
3. Tinkerbelle
4. ???
5. She's "family"?
6. a.) Spy on clients; b.) Keep Papa Bear's blood pressure down. :)
7. Mama Bear?
8. Fortune's nerdiest women, or something.
9. Somewhere in Arizona. Was it ever specifically stated?
10. I don't know. Gonna take a stab and say UK, since they've got a couple teams.
11. Jeep Cherokee
12. Home?
13. ???
14. Over a plate of chicken fingers?
15. Tiffanys?
16. ???
17. Somewhere in NE?
18. ???
19. Chicks Rule
20. ???

And I know AM's first name, don't recall the last, although I know I knew it at one time.

Anonymous said...

This is FUN!! I have some of the other answers too - just not all of them yet!

1. What is AM's favorite band? The Killers

2. She has one small scar. Where is it, and how did she get it? Scar on her lip from slipping while being chased around a pool and hitting a pole....

3. There is a decal in the back window of AM's car. What is it? Tinkerbelle!

4. My wonderful husband, The Rocket Scientist, had a different blog name in the beginning. What was it? The Adorable Dork