Friday, July 17, 2009

No sign of the Obamas...just in case you were wondering

I got some sad news from another blogger yesterday...nothing life-threatening or earth-shattering, but sad nonetheless. I assume she will write about it when she is ready, but for now...I will send e-hugs:-)

Munchkin and I had an awesome date yesterday afternoon:-) For those of you unfamiliar with the geography around here, there are two islands off the southern coast of Cape Cod. The Smoking Hot Roommate Family Beach Residence holds a spot on the North Shore of one of the Islands (which is why there is a ferry involved in getting there;-)). Yesterday, Munchkin and I hitched a boat ride to the other one to bum around for the afternoon, do some shopping and have dinner.

As I mentioned yesterday, I feel like I have been a little lacking in Munchkin-time lately. She is super busy, and when I am down there on weekends, there are always a whole lot of people around and a lot of stuff going on, so I feel like I don't see her a ton. Yesterday was a good chance for us to spend some alone time and catch up on things.

Most of what we talked about was pretty goofy...heavily boy-related. I have to admit that I am pretty impressed at the romantic skills of a lot of these boys. Like the one friend that she met for ice cream one day that brought her a stuffed seal because she had mentioned that she thought seals were cute. Or the other one that picked a couple of lilies out of someone's garden because she said they were pretty...I don't even think she realizes how much she gets hit on;-). For now, she is either spurning or discouraging any romantic intentions of any of her summer friends.

But we also had a chance to check in on some more important issues (although some of those were boy-related, too). I was a little surprised at some of what she had to say, especially around the French boy...nothing bad, just that she has put more thought into some things than I was aware of. She is super excited to go and visit (honestly, I kinda am, too), but again, she seems to have a very good grasp on the realities of the situation.

Based on the way this summer is going, I am guessing that this will be her permanent summer home for the foreseeable future. Obviously, I knew that was a strong possibility from the beginning...if she has a job (at least two) and friends down there, then it is a really good place to spend the summer. She does miss her Boston friends, but a couple of them are coming to visit next weekend, and as they get older that will get easier (like when they can drive themselves). Supervision becomes an issue, but I am hopeful that I can work something out in future years like we did this year. [Also, she wants a Vespa...and I am happy to learn that you need a Driver's License to ride one in Massachusetts...phew!!!]

So we did some shopping (we bought a grand total of one T-shirt) and then had dinner. We ate grilled chicken sandwiches and onion rings and watched a gorgeous sunset from a harbor-side restaurant. And then, Munchkin paid:-)

It was surprisingly emotional for me...


Dawn said...

"We ate grilled chicken sandwiches and onion rings and watched a gorgeous sunset from a harbor-side restaurant. And then, Munchkin paid:-)"

Adorable! I can see how that would have been emotional for you.

Have a super weekend.

Rachel H. said...

Awh...she paid! That's so sweet! And I can only imagine how emotional that must be! Sounds like you are enjoying yourself!

Ys said...

Aw it sounds like a wonderful day. And, I agree with the previous commenters, I can totally see why it got a bit emotional for you.

laurwilk said...

Haha, oh crap. Am I the sad news? I have exciting news from today so we will need to chat ASAP. (On a totally different subject - that other subject is still sad. Ugh.)

So glad you and Munchkin had a great day. Now I'm not so sad about you ditching out on me...hahaha. Kidding.