Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Whirwind on the Way

I will give everyone a couple more days on the second set of questions...the first time around it took a few days for everyone to get a chance to answer that wanted to. Again, I am super impressed with the results so far!

It has recently dawned on me that I have a lot of stuff going on for the rest of the summer. Next Tuesday is our condo closing, which I am very excited about. Then Tinkerbelle is coming the next day (Wednesday) and staying through the following week. That coincides with my last day at work (which will be either next Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, not sure yet).

I haven't really written about that much, but I am finding it to be kind of emotional. This place has been kinda like home for is the only "real" job that I have ever had, and the people have all been really wonderful to me. I will miss seeing them all and working with them all. I won't be totally gone, since I will still maybe help out on occasional things on an hourly basis, and will likely be back at Christmas and next summer and whatnot. But it is still going to be a change, and that always makes me a little thoughtful. More next week maybe.

So, I am headed back to the beach, this time for a full-on vacation with Tinkerbelle sometime late next week (maybe Thursday after work). She will be around for a little over a week, and then Munchkin and I are headed to France on the 21st, returning on the 28th. That leaves about another week of summer, then school for both of us right after Labor Day...and right into the wedding...and there is a Bachelorette party in there somewhere, too, but I still don't know exactly when! Anxiously awaiting the surprise...

In other words, a really busy couple of months forthcoming! But all good stuff:-)

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Katie said...

I have so many comments rolling through my mind in response to this post. Love the post today!

Along the lines of ridiculous politics, there was an article (I think in the WSJ) the other day about Obama's challenge to cut $100 million out of our budget. The Department of Forestry ... they decided that by not painting the trucks that they buy green they can save something like $16 million. The Department of the Interior, well, they are going to set up their copiers to print on 2 sides of the paper in an effort to save money.

IS THAT A JOKE?? That's just lip service as far as I'm concerned. They should have been doing these things anyway. That isn't exactly a 'savings'.

/Political Rant

Regarding the celebrity gossip, I totally agree that it is all a bore these days. This whole Indian Giver thing is re-donk.