Thursday, July 09, 2009

Baby needs a nap!

Totally a wreck today...and completely self-inflicted! I went out with Smoking Hot Roommate and a couple other girls last night, drank too much and stayed out too late. Trouble was caused and mischief abounded;-) The Boy was out of town, as was SHR's Rocket Scientist, so I slept at her place, which just meant that we stayed up way too late eating late night pizza and whatnot.

I actually don't feel terribly hungover in the sick-to-my-stomach/headache sense, since I made sure to drink plenty of water and took a couple Advil before bed. But I am completely exhausted, and have very little voice left. You know what would solve this? Vacation!!!

Hells yeah it will! Leaving tonight, picking up some chicken fingers to-go as a surprise for Munchkin and heading to the beach for two weeks. And I am as excited about that as you could possibly imagine...I am technically not on vacation, as I will be working the whole time, but it will obviously be a whole lot less time and effort than being the in office involves. I will be wearing a bikini as much as possible;-) Board shorts if I need to dress up...

I will also be blogging, so you shouldn't all miss me too much;-)

Now, if only I could shake the cobwebs out of my head...hee hee


SG said...

I'm soooo jealous! I would love to be able to work from the beach for two weeks. I don't even have a window by where I sit at work. Le sigh.

Katie said...

I hate those days at work when you feel like you do, but I honestly think its totally worth it once in a while. The nights when you don't intend to stay up too late or drink too much and then accidentally do end up being the best memories!

Accidentally Me said...

SG - I was very excited last year when my cube moved to the window...makes work much easier!

Katie - This wasn't an accident at all...I knew what I was in for yesterday!

Rachel H. said...

I just wish I could go to the beach now...instead I have to wait like 20 more days! And we are only going for a long weekend! Boo!