Monday, July 06, 2009

So THIS is Summer...

I am sure that you all noticed with great sadness that I was not around to blog on Thursday. Hopefully you didn't lose too much of your long weekend worrying about me...I was out of the office pretty much all day, and then forgot to take a couple of minutes to blog before I took off for the weekend.

Absolutely fantastic weekend! Tons of sun, tons of friends and quasi-family around, lots of good food and drink and just an all-around great time. Friday was a little fogged in, but it burned off late in the day and stayed sunny from there on out.

Munchkin seems to have assembled an entirely new band of additional friends in the last week, as the public schools are now out and all of those families are officially on summer vacation (for the month of June it was basically just other kids in private schools that end early and college kids). She had a whole mess of them around with her on the beach on Saturday and yesterday.

That actually led to a pair of interesting interactions. The first was with the mother of a girl that is about her age who seemed very confused by Munchkin's living situation ("So, um, she really does kinda live here by herself?" "These friends of yours take care of her, too?" Not sure that girl is gonna be allowed to stay over...)

The second is, no surprise, boy-related. Having a whole bunch of new beach friends means having a whole bunch of new boys that have fallen instantly in love with her. According to Papa Bear, their efforts to impress her were a little more overt earlier in the week, and had calmed down a bit by the weekend. But several of them are very clearly smitten. And that led to one wide-eyed lad asking me, in a quiet moment, "What's up with this French kid? Is he like a real boyfriend?" I deferred...she can deal with that on her own:-D

Let's see...the water was cold, but we made very good use of the jet skis. Played golf yesterday morning. Had a fire on the beach both Friday and Saturday. Ate a ton. Didn't really drink that much. And just basically enjoyed what finally felt like summer! And now next weekend is only a couple days away!


Rachel H. said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I am sooooo jealous!!!
I would love to have a nice, sunny weekend at the beach.
Sounds like it was perfect!

Ys said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend to me :)

laurwilk said...

Your weekend sounds fantastic! I am so glad everything is going so perfectly. My goal is to be around here a bit more - and we need a catch up gchat session!