Thursday, July 23, 2009

More on SHR's Quiz

Judging from the answers I have received so far, I think my intuition about the quiz from yesterday was right: it is super hard!!! Smoking Hot Roommate really outdid herself on this one...I actually had to check a few things to make sure that I actually did write them at some point.

To give you something to shoot at, I will tell you that, as of now, no one has gotten even close to half of them right (and there are a couple that have more than one acceptable answer, as it turns out). And again, if you feel like sending me answers one at a time, you can do that and I will track them all...we all know how much I love Excel (that should have been a question!)

I am not real sure how or when to divulge the answers. I am actually thinking that I may kind of break it up, ask a couple of questions per day and then give a few answers per day over a few weeks to make it a little more manageable. And, unfortunately, there are some questions that I will only answer by email or gchat...and a few that I will confirm, but won't tell you the answer if you don't guess it on your own:-P!

The good news? The winner gets a gift card:-) Let's figure on maybe $50, but that could change based on how well the winner does ($5 for every question right, maybe?). And yes, since this whole mess was her idea, Smoking Hot Roommate has been designated as the provider of said gift card, so congratulations on that;-)

In other news, I had a wonderfully low-key birthday with SHR and Munchkin. Walked to a nearby restaurant for dinner, then to Munchkin's ice cream store for some celebratory ice cream cake. I got lots and lots of birthday phone calls, and just generally had a very nice day for myself:-)

The sun is back out today after a few days in hiding, just in time for the weekend invasion! Four of our friends are coming down tonight to stay through the weekend, and some more of SHR's Mom's family is coming as well. Munchkin's two best friends are coming tomorrow morning, so I will have to go and pick them up at the other words, it will be a pretty busy couple of days around here!

I guess that is all for now...keep those answers coming!

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Ys said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday! :)

I'm afraid I'm too poorly to take part in the quiz so I'll just have to sit back and see some of the answers ;) Great idea though!