Friday, July 31, 2009

Anonymity? Really?

This Quiz has been incredibly fun for me...partially because people are discovering things that I totally forgot about. For example, the first bonus question about my first name: I definitely remember dropping at least one major hint (and that is the one that Smoking Hot Roommate was referring to in the quiz) but now two people have uncovered other hints that I dropped a LONG time ago. And, as I re-read them, it was absolutely my intention when I wrote the posts originally, I just totally forgot that I had done it!

Anyway, I will leave the second set up through the weekend and post the answers and next set of questions on Monday. Anyone who can't get their answers in by then is just way too slow!!!

Interest reactions to yesterday's post. Some defense of Professor Gates, which is basically reasonable and I don't take any major issue with it...especially Laura's. Anonymous, why the need to hide your identity? I have never had a problem with people telling me I am full of fact, I sort of like it! Ask Aaron about our April 2007 gun debate, when he politely stopped just short of telling me I was a moron...I still never considered him anything short of a blog-friend. Anyway, you don't need to stay anonymous. I can take criticism.

That said, you are factually incorrect about a couple of things;-). And "you have to go further into debt to get out of it" is a truly ingenious piece of Financial Wizardry. Some clarification...Obama inherited a large national debt, but that is not what I am holding him accountable for. The absolutely monstrous deficits he is promising for the next ten years, however, are all his, and will cause the large debt that he inherited to explode into a truly astronomical pile of IOU. And it is for that plan that I wonder why young people (who will be on the hook for repaying it) still love him so much. I think you are confusing the debt and the deficit, which are two totally different things...

And you are only allowed to say that Michael Jackson is not a pedophile if you also believe wholeheartedly that OJ Simpson is not a murderer;-). He forked over huge amounts of money to settle cases out of court. He also acknowledged on a prime time interview that he shared his bed with young boys to whom he was not related...and if you believe that was just because they were both scared of the dark and had only one night light, well...

Friday again, which means back to the beach after work:-) See ya Monday!


Hilary said...

"And you are only allowed to say that Michael Jackson is not a pedophile if you also believe wholeheartedly that OJ Simpson is not a murderer;-)."

AMEN TO THAT! :) Nicely stated.

Aaron said...

I'm hurt that you insinuated that I called you a moron.

Okay, not really.

You're just misguided. ;)

And not to purposely defend Anonymous' factually-incorrect statements... but someone who posts Anonymously is requesting a commenter identify themselves? :P

Accidentally Me said...

Aaron - I noted that you politely stopped short of calling me a moron;-) And it's my blog, I can ask for a hypocritical double standard if I darn please!

Scotty said...

I think young people still like him so much because younger folks tend to focus on the here and now.

Ex - a credit for your old car is good now, but we'll all be paying for it later (with some interest to boot).