Monday, July 13, 2009

Sharing an office with The Boy

Greetings from the beach, everyone:-) If it makes you feel any better, it is slightly chilly this morning, requiring me to wear a sweatshirt and sit under a light blanket (next to an open door that looks out over the ocean...hee hee...) Not gonna lie, this definitely beats the office...

The Boy and I are sharing an office today:-) How cute are we? I think I plan to work more than he does this week, but he has some stuff he has to do today, so we are both taking up residence in the room that is most fit to be an office. If he plans on working the whole day in sweatpants and no shirt, then I can not be held accountable for any of the time that he loses because I am distracting him from his tasks...:-D

I am really looking forward to the time with Munchkin, too:-). I miss her! I knew that our summer arrangement would be different, and would take some adjusting...but I am surprised at how much it feels like I have come to visit her in her summer house.

And it's not just me...Papa Bear said something on Saturday about how he wasn't sure whether or not one of his sisters-in-law was coming down this week because he hadn't heard from her yet. Munchkin piped in "She is coming Wednesday with the kids...she called me yesterday." So yes...all visitors are now generally clearing their stay through the new Czarina of the household;-)

Munchkin, by the way, is completely on top of the world right now...enjoying her summer at the beach exactly as much as you would expect that she might. She really likes the family that she babysits for, and it has worked out really well...they pay her well, and she can fit it around her schedule at the ice cream store very easily. Since she is never really "babysitting" by herself, she doesn't have to worry about minor schedule problems...the Mom is always happy to have her around to watch her older kids. For now, she seems uninterested in working for any other families, despite several asking her.

And she really loves the ice cream store, too. She makes a lot less money (and has to pay taxes on that, too:-)) and it is probably harder work, but she loves the social aspect being around kids her age and a little older. She is still at the age when it is cool for friends to come in and visit you at work...actually, why does that ever stop? Work would be way cooler!!! She has made a ton of new friends and still has a ton of old ones, and is just basically loving life.

OK...back to work for a bit:-) I will try and check in this week regularly.

Actually, I have big news tomorrow, I think...hopefully!


Aaron said...

How many of us work places we actually want to be, never mind places our friends would think is cool, too. Or, perhaps things change because as we get older, we're all working our own jobs at the same time?

Katie said...

awwww ... why are you such a tease with your news?

Jane226 said...

So jealous of your "office"! What a view (ocean and a gorgeous boy).Hope you have a great week!

Rachel H. said...

I'm SO jealous of your arrangement for the week, and Munchkin sounds like she is having a great summer!

Anonymous said...

I would love to have an office with Ocean view. *sigh*
But I would probably not get anything done. :-)

I love days at the beach when it is only about 28 degree and a bit windy. It's amazing!!!

Ys said...

Sounds like the perfect place to work ;) I'm so glad you're all having such a good time.

Now what's this big news you're teasing us all with...?