Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Answers. And more Questions

Okie dokie...now we get to the fun part of SHR's quiz...answers! I will give you the first four, and pose the next four questions. Very good effort so far, as there are a bunch of people that have gotten all four right.

1) What is AM's favorite band? - This was an easy one...my obscene love of The Killers is pretty well documented around these parts. They are playing here next month:-)
2) She has one small scar. Where is it, and how did she get it? - I have a scar on my lip from an unfortunate run-in with a metal railing after slipping on a pool deck. BFFb caught me before I fell of a ledge in my unconscious state:-) I wrote about it in a post here after being tagged to write some random things.
3) There is a decal in the back window of AM's car. What is it? It is Tinkerbelle:-) And there is a link to a picture of it in this post, right after I got it for my birthday
4) My wonderful husband, The Rocket Scientist, had a different blog name in the beginning. What was it? - His original name was The Adorable Dork, because he is adorable and he is a dork:-). I changed it here, because The Rocket Scientist was a little more accurate, and because I really like the symmetry of the two sisters being married to The Brain Surgeon and The Rocket Scientist.

OK, that covers the first four questions, and now we can move on to the next four:

5) AM was promoted on her first day at her job. Why?
6) AM has two unique roles in her office. One is client-related and one is more of an internal role. What are they?
7) She once gave my Mom a nickname. What was it?
[Clarification: I have actually called her a couple of things, one of which is Mama Bear. But there is another answer that SHR was looking for.]
8) What magazine issue did AM once announce was required reading for any of her listeners with daughters? [I think we are looking for a specific issue, and I like the substitution of "listeners" for readers...lol]

Keep the answers coming, and I will continue to use my magic spreadsheet to tally the results;-). In early returns, the foreigners are performing much more strongly overall than the Americans.


Amy said...

I'm BACK! I would love to attempt the quiz but being gone from work for over 3 weeks just doesn't warrant messing around on the blog all day. Boo!

A said...

OMG. I am totally failing at even ATTEMPTING your Quiz of Awesome. I'm sorry. You should probably boot me off of gchat one of these days so that I can get to my homework. :)