Friday, April 10, 2009

Some Random Friday notes

Chicken fingers last night...and it was a really nice night!

So, Munchkin and I got home after school/work, and changed for dinner. She came out looking utterly adorable, but wearing a shirt that I hadn't seen before. It was a kinda bright blue shirt with a white collar and "Samsung" written across the front. On the back, it says "Essien" and has a big number "5" on it. Actually, it looks like this.

That's addition to having a favorite soccer team, she has a favorite player on that soccer team, and has somehow acquired a replica jersey. (I should add that she matched it totally perfectly with some hip, flare-leg twill pants...but that is really neither here nor there). This has Smoking Hot Roommate written all over it!!!

Great conversation starter, though, she had three people at the bar ask her about it...including one nice gentleman from Liverpool who had a lengthy story as to why he should be offended but wasn't (I didn't follow, but I am sure SHR did).

Anyway...we have a visitor this weekend! The Boy's older sister is in town, and she is going to stay with us. She is coming to see a friend in the hospital, so no husband or kids, and she wanted to stay close by...we live a couple blocks away. It will be nice to get to spend some down time with her without the hustle and bustle of the occasions that we usually see her. She will be busy, I am sure, but we will still get to visit with her.

And we are having Easter at Big Sis's on Sunday afternoon...pretend family and in-laws all in one place. Nothing super fancy...just getting together to eat and hang out. Should be nice!

Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and Happy Weekend for those who have no religious doings just yet;-)


Amy said...

Happy Easter to you too! Enjoy the weekend!!!

Smoking Hot Roommate said...

Ha ha! Yes, the nice man was from Liverpool, and therefore has a natural dislike for Chelsea (most fans do!). However, he is an Everton supporter and was happy that Chelsea had thoroughly humiliated Liverpool (Everton's biggest rival) in the Champion's League the day before.

Make sense?

Accidentally Me said...

Not one But thanks for clarifying:-)

Smoking Hot Roommate said...

BTW: Yes, I bought her the shirt:-D

LiLu said...

Sounds like a perfect little Sunday. Happy Easter/weekend!