Monday, April 30, 2007

Just whack Tony and be done with it

Really busy morning, so I have to be quick. Munchkin was feeling better by this cream always works!!! (Seriously...what do I do if the ice cream doesn't work?)

I'm really proud of her...she is a tough little chick. After our afternoon ice cream run, she called the boy in question to express her displeasure. I was kind of listening in, and she approached it calmly, rationally and without anger. She said why she was upset and listened when he talked and I think everything turned out OK. She is mature WAY beyond her years...

Dinner was quite good! I still don't really know what the occasion was, but The Boy felt like cooking for us, so Munchkin and I went over there for dinner and he made grilled swordfish and a bunch of grilled veggies and salad and it was all delicious! He's not a bad cook, after all;-) Now that I know this, I expect him to cook for me MUCH more often:-D

Who watches The Sopranos? I am so done with that show...I only keep watching because I have so much time invested that I don't want to miss out if something really big happens. The thing that irritates me is that they just pick up and drop story lines without regard to the overall plot line. Like last night Tony is a compulsive gambler who's losses are making him and his family miserable. Now, by next week they will never mention it again.

Ahh well, only five shows left, and hopefully everyone ends up dead...THAT would be a good ending.

Um...I guess that's about all...kinda boring, I know...I can't be brilliant every day!


Anonymous said...

yup i gave up on the show a season ago. too much hiatus makes me lose interest.

ella w. said...

I am only subscribing to HBO so I can finish watching the final season. Good to know there are only 5 episodes left. I think they are really grasping now.

But Entourage makes the subscription worth it. I wasn't a huge Adrien Grenier fan at first, but then I saw him at my local Whole Foods handing out granola samples from his mom's company. Hotness!