Friday, October 10, 2008

Around the Blogosphere

Chicken fingers were excellent, although I had to do a little disciplining. Munchkin neglected to do a couple of homework assignments earlier this week because she was up late watching the Red Sox. That is very unlike her...she always does everything, and is really good about prioritizing.

So, we had to have a brief talk about how I like to let her have as much freedom as I can, but that she has to remember what her real responsibilities are. So, hopefully that will be it (meanwhile, everyone who has ever had a teenager, or been a teenager, is laughing at me and saying "Are you fucking kidding me? She skipped two meaningless homework assignments, and this is her worst transgression in three years of living here?" Um...yea, it kinda is...:-D I am not sure this really counts as "parenting a teenager"...)

I suppose I could tell her that she can't go to the dance that she is supposed to tonight, but I really don't see the need to punish her over this. Generally speaking, I don't have to tell her things more than as long as she acts like an adult, I will continue to (sort of) treat her like one.

Nothing super exciting going on this weekend, how about the rest of you? Who has a long weekend? I don't... The Boy and I are babysitting his niece tonight, although I am guessing that I will be doing the babysitting and he will be completely passed out. I may just tell him to stay home, and I will go over myself. I can handle that...right? Maybe? As I am sure you can all guess, this has been a VERY long week for him. And today doesn't look any better...

So, in lieu of any actual thoughts from me...I will give you a little Friday trip around the blog world...

First up, a hearty congrats to Billy and MuchosFe, who are set to be, I think? Billy has suspended his Presidential campaign for the big event.

Essentially Me wrote about Canadian Thanksgiving, and I am wondering whether or not the back story on theirs is the same as ours. Is it the same story about the Pilgrims, or is there a whole other story? I need some educating.

I was a little disappointed to see Jerrell go on Runway, but his dress really was the worst of the four, so I am OK with it. Leanne's was absolutely stunning...

Brandy has a wonderful open lover letter to bloggers. It makes my heart all warm:-)

And here I see that A has dropped a Rita Skeeter reference...brilliant!!!

I guess that will do for now...Happy Weekend, everyone. Enjoy the holiday if you have it;-)


ella said...

Good thing I watched PR last night!!!

Kenley should've gone - she completely copied the Alexander McQueen dress. Then again Jerrell's dresses were FUG.

Accidentally Me said...

Ella - It is hard to imagine that she didn't see his before she made hers (although I read something where the timing of it is not entirely conclusive, and that she probably had done a lot of work on it before his was shown.) They are just so very similar. His is a little sleeker and hers is a little more playful, but the feathers, the lace and the overall shape are just really, really similar. I guess if the judges thought she had done enough to change it, it's OK...but I would have understood if they threw her off for it.

Essentially Me said...

I'll have to get back to you on that one but I think that the story is similar!

Ys said...

Did Munchkin look really guilty and make you feel bad for having to tell her off? My sister used to do that to me and it broke my heart every time.

A. said...


I have tagged you over on my blog.

Jmhender said...

Hi Accidentally Me! I don't know if you remember me, but I used to read/comment your blog all the time 1-2 years ago. I had to delete it because someone found it and set it to everyone. I can't remember what my blog name was but my username was jmhender and I wrote about silly boys like "Pronto" and the like. Anyways, just wanted to let you know I am back in the blogging world, and trying to catch up on a LOT of posts =]

Hope all is well!

Accidentally Me said...

EM - Get on that! I am not genuinely

Ys - Nah, she was very adult about it..."Sorry, I won't do it again", basically

A - Got it;-) I will hopefully get to it soon!

JM - Um...that would be SoCal Sweetie;-) Of course I remember! Welcome back:-)