Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Guess Who's Back...

Many thanks to Smoking Hot Roommate for her response yesterday, which I see that many of you enjoyed. She has told me that I sometimes portray her as "overly perfect," so I think that maybe she wanted to point out some of her flaws. Like weird eating habits.

One food habit she left out...she eats like a horse! Seriously, she eats as much as my football-player ex-boyfriend ate, and he was about two and a half times her size! I am guessing that all of her running and sports-playing has wound her metabolism up to some ridiculous rate...but she has the appetite of about four large men.

To be serious for a second (and she has given me the green light to talk about this...which, since none of you know who she is, may not seem like a huge deal, but I think it is), I wanna talk about that second thing that she mentioned. I am proud of her for talking about it, even if it is in an anonymous manner. It seems to come with such a stigma, and I wish people that have suffered from it didn't have to feel like it was somehow shameful or embarrassing.

I think, unless you have gone through it (and I haven't), you just can't understand what it's like. There is nothing physically wrong with you, which just makes it so hard for everyone around you to understand why you can't get out of bed, why you have no energy, no motivation and no will to do anything. And it leads to insulting, accusatory exchanges with people who, deep down, just want you to be better.

I have seen it, and it is really a horrible cloud of evil has descended on someone, seeped into their brain and made them into a person unlike the one you previously know. It is scary because you can't always tell what caused it, or what will cure it, or when it will get better. There are drugs, and there are doctors, and they all help...but she can be a fickle, unpredictable menace. And don't think that it somehow preys on the weak or the feeble...I have seen it wreak havoc on the strongest and smartest person I know.

And now, I am filing that away, and I doubt you will ever read anything more on this from me again.


But, on to much more important news...did anyone see the comments to yesterday's post and notice who has made a reappearance? That's right...Green Line Boy himself...(or, someone possibly pretending to be him, but let's assume it is him for now). Whine Girl, Ella, Ally, Not Carrie Bradhsaw and anyone else that has wondered what cliff he fell off of...are we all excited by this? It is almost like the Loch Ness Monster just showed up, carrying Sasquatch and Yeti on its back!!!


laurwilk said...

I agree with your wise words in regards to depression. While I haven't ever experienced it, someone close to me has. And I think the stigma should be removed!

Also, I'm a bit disappointed that I missed out on the Green Line Boy phenom.

Lpeg said...

I agree with your view on depression. I went through a pretty bad bout for about 9 months a few years back. Lost most of my good friends over it too - they just couldn't understand.

I'm glad you stuck by SHR. It's a big help.

Still just me said...

SHR is very lucky to have you. Depression is an illness, whether it be reacurring or not. It is so hard to keep your friends, and even family close.

It's such a hard illness for others who have never had it to understand it.

I'm Not Carrie Bradshaw said...

I just want to thank you both for talking about this. I especially agree with the part about this affecting some of the strongest/smartest people. It's certainly a demon that's not easy to beat (based on my own personal struggle). It's always reassuring to hear you aren't alone.

In other news--I think I must be a little prescient re. Greenline Boy! ;-)

Aaron said...

I'm surprised you haven't stalked GLB in person to confront him about his disappearance.

You know, it wouldn't be the first time...

Nicole d. said...

I hope that it is indeed GLB. I miss his blog alot. Please, please come back!