Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Everything you ever wanted to know about Smoking Hot Roommate

So, Laurwilk and e.b. have both claim to have passed my tag along to Porter and Magoo, respectively. Aaron has acknowledged receiving it, but hasn't yet said he would actually do it. C'mon, Aaron...we all know that Sarah is a good sport! She wants to do this, I am certain. Jenny has thus far ignored me;-) (maybe I have teased her about this Hooker character once too often?) and I am anxiously awaiting Otto's renewed health so that he can chime in as well. Smoking Hot Roommate responded directly, attached below.

But first, a little updating. The weekend was really nice. Weather was absolutely gorgeous, and I had very little that I really had to do. I babysat for The Boy's niece on Friday (he fell asleep when he got home and woke up at about 10:00 am Saturday), went to Munchkin's soccer game Saturday morning, went out with The Boy to a friend's apartment on Saturday night, went for a walk Sunday morning and then had an outstanding afternoon of Fantasy Football;-). Pretty nice weekend, if you ask me.

I was talked into leaving work early yesterday to watch the Red Sox game, which was fun. I should drink more on Monday afternoons;-). Unfortunately, they lost, so everyone was in a pissy mood. Regardless of their unhappiness, I enjoyed the beers and nachos:-)

I have several comments on Dancing With The Stars. I don't watch this often, but I did catch some of it last night. My thoughts...I feel like these people are worse than years past. Lance Bass is not getting any less gay;-). Warren's partner has the most absurd fake boobs I have ever seen. I consistently worried that Cloris Leachman would lose a hip. Susan Lucci is 61 years old...I seriously would have guessed like 45 from looking at her!!!

And finally, on behalf of all the women in the world who have had children or may one day have children and face the horrors of the absolute abuse to your body from doing so... FUCK YOU, BROOKE BURKE!!! How the fuck has she had four children? Are we sure of this? Maybe she hired someone...I am suspicious. Honestly, if I thought I would look like that afterwards, I would have like a dozen of them.

Anyway...below is Smoking Hot Roommate's six things...she definitely came up with some good stuff, as you will see. For the record, I will vouch for the weird food habits and the unnatural love of Diet Coke:


1) I tore my knee up playing soccer in High School. At the end of a slide tackle, I tried to plant my foot to pop up. She slid right through me. Bye-bye knee ligaments. Hello large, winding scar.

2) I've suffered from some really bad bouts of depression. AM has seen it, she has been a big help in getting through some of it. I love her for it.

3) Big Sis, AM and I are all pretty sure that I was an accident. My older sister was 7 years old, and my parents were both about 35. People don't have a baby at 28, then all of a sudden decide to have a second one seven years later. My Father refuses to admit this, but he doesn't exactly deny it, either.

4) While we are on that subject, my Father definitely wished I was a boy. Big Sis is all girl. I learned to play golf and love every sport you can think of by the time I was about 5. Boys are, for some reason, really attracted to the idea that a girl can beat them at golf. Latent desires to be dominated sexually? I am just throwing ideas out there.

5) I have less artistic ability than virtually anyone I have ever met. I have always wished that I could be an artist. I can not draw. Nor paint. Nor sculpt. I can not sing and never could figure out how to play any instruments. I am a pretty good dancer, though.

6) I have food OCD. I like to eat food in its individual parts, not the whole. Example: Twix Bars - I nibble the caramel top off, then the chocolate sides, then the cookie. Oreo Cookies - I eat the top cookie, then as much of the bottom cookie as I can without eating the cream. Then, finally, the cream. Maybe this applies mostly to snack foods and candy. Whatever it is, I eat food weird. Also, I drink Diet Coke in unhealthy quantities. So much that you likely wouldn't believe me if I told you. In a normal day, I usually drink 5-6 of the 20 oz. bottles.


Me said...

HA! I do the same with Twix, Muskeeter (don't ask, chocolate on the outside first, I HIDE when I do that),Oreos and these German cookies that are called Prinzenrolle and I haven't found them in the US Yet...same idea as oreos, different flavor.

Dumas Family said...

So I stumbled across your blog and LOVE it! You are awesome! And I second the Brook Burke comment...just had our first child a year ago and fear my body will never be the same. But I chalk her fabulous body up to the fact that she can hire someone to kick her ass on a daily basis and probably has a FABULOUS plastic surgeon...just a wild guess!

Accidentally Me said...

Me - Yeah...you are both equally weird...lol.

Dumas - I beleive that she is married to her plastic surgeon...lol. Also, it helps if you look like that to begin with. That is really gonna me downfall, I think.

Ally said...

Shouldn't the boy do the meme?

GreenLineBoy said...

Hey there! I think you have a serious blog crush on me. I Googled my old handle and guess who I find mentioning me. I swear you're thinking about me every day during your morning oatmeal.

Not blogging, just checking in. Keep up the good work.

How did you know I got married?

Accidentally Me said...

Ally - Yea, he should!

GLB - No. Fucking. Way!!! Your dissapearance has very much been a topic of conversation...lol. As for your marital status, well...a girl has to keep her secrets;-)

J said...

So glad to see that things are still going well with the Boy and Munchkin! Haha, I started cracking up when I read your comment about Brooke Burke-she is absolutely gorgeous! I cannot believe she has had four children either. Lol...definitely a woman who can make even the most beautiful feel a little self conscious...

Lori S-C said...

Dear SHR via AM,
Some of us do plan to have children with a spread in between. Mine are ten years apart. It took me that long to brave up to another after the first one. When I couldn't convince my husband to adopt (after falling in love with LaurWilk's brother from Cambodia), I figured we'd try for 6 months and then he would be willing to do what I wanted, which was to adopt. Well, the best laid plans (pun intended) went astray when I got pregnant quickly (with some pharma intervention). So the ten years apart was planned, but not exactly in the way that I thought it would happen.

Anonymous said...

I do this with ice cream. We have an ice called "Domino" which is vanilla ice in-between two waffles with chocolate over it. I first eat the top-waffle and then as much as possible from the other one before I eat the ice cream. :-)

Smoking Hot Roommate said...

Lori, our suspicions are mostly that he refuses to deny it! in 24 years, he has never given us a straight answer.

Big Sis? Would you care to confirm any of this?

HappyascanB said...

AMEN on the Brooke Burke comment! I refuse to believe a normal lady can have 4 kids and look as good as she does!!!

cindy said...

Smokin Hot Roommie sounds a lot like my oldest friend in the country, one of my bridesmaids Sandy. Guys fall all over themselves in an attempt to hit on her, I still have boot traction scars on my back from how fast they ran me over trying to reach her, and she's athletic, and beautiful, and often MISERABLE. I think it goes along with how "fair" something is in life; with yin there's yang, and you can't judge a person until you've walked a mile in their shoes. Every girl envied and hated her, and they had no idea WHAT they were really wishing they had.