Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I can't promise that this post will not be a total waste of your time

Sorry to be kinda busy and not posting much today...I am being a bad blogger. But, occasionally, actual work gets in the way of my fun!

Nothing much of note today, anyway. Everyone in Boston is happy because the Red Sox won last night, so they are moving on to play the Tampa Bay Rays in the next round. Anyone think this calls for e.b. and I to make a Tampa-Boston blogland wager? Loser has to post naked pictures!!!

(Settle down. I am not making that bet, and I am gonna go ahead and assume that she isn't either.)

Munchkin tried to stay up to watch the whole game, but her long weekend, combined with a soccer game yesterday afternoon finally caught up with her and she fell asleep on the couch pretty early on. I am glad that she did...otherwise she would have been a totally zombie today, and that is not good for her. I am all for letting her stay up late sometimes, but I do like her to be rested and focused for school.

She has a date on Friday;-). Actually it is sort of a double date...one of her very good friends has a boyfriend who goes to school somewhere else (one of those rough and tumble public school boys...) and she is going to a dance as the "date" of one of that boy's friends. OK, so really it is not actually a date of any kind...but you have to be someone's guest to be let in. So, I don't expect any making out...lol.

And The Boy and I have a date of our own...babysitting for his sister's kid, who will be one whole year old in two weeks. Seems like she has been around forever! Honestly, if babies were all like this one, I would have like four of them...she sleeps, eats, giggles and never cries. OK, she sometimes cries, but she is a super easy baby.

Um...I guess that is kind of my scattered post for the day. I have little to report and some actual work to do, so I will have to come back with some solid debate recap tomorrow to get back on track:-) Until then...


Still just me said...

Sounds like a nice and relaxing time. I kicked back on the couch also and stayed in my jammies all day yesterday. It went well with the rain.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm we should wager SOMETHING. We have till Friday to make a decision. And I'll let you know I only do top down it's in my contract, gotta leave my pants on.

Accidentally Me said...

SJM - Oh, that sounds like a nice day!

Anne - No one wants topless pictures of me. A slightly overweight 14 year old boy has bigger boobs than me...