Thursday, October 02, 2008

Veep Veep

Who can tell me how to password-protect a post? I have a kinda funny story, but it requires a little more knowledge about me than many of you know...nothing at all bad, but it kind of relies on "that thing" that I conveniently leave out of this;-). So, if someone could explain that to me, it would be swell...

(update: Looks like this is not possible in Blogger, so you will all have to do without! Unless you care to ask me via email or Gchat...I am always open to people who would like to distract me from work via Gchat)

Back to the regularly scheduled program!

[Skip all of the red text if you don't want to read what happened on Project Runway! I don't want to get yelled at for spoiling the ending...this means you Ella!!!]

I feel like last nights Project Runway was a cop-out. They have done this three years in a row now and it is getting old. Two seasons ago they sent the whole final four to the finals, which was OK because they all sort of deserved it. Last season they sent the whole final four, but two of them were essentially "semi-finalists", and I was OK with that, too. But now, to basically put off making a decision entirely? They could have kicked any one of them out last night and felt good about it...especially Korto and Kenley would have been completely justifiable. Neither of them could really argue that they absolutely had earned the right to go to Fashion Week.

I also feel like Jerrell and Leanne are being punished despite winning. Their outfits were way better, they got the better scores, and then the judges basically said "Well, we didn't like any of it, so none of you really win." If your four best designers all did poorly...maybe the challenge was too hard? The whole point of keeping score is to pick winners and losers, not to call it a tie!!! Anyway...I have no idea who will win...Jerrell is my pick for now, but I don't really even love his stuff.

OK, now back to the non-TV spoiler stuff:-) Who is fired up for the debate tonight? I am! I am! I actually think Palin will do fine, although I worry that they are setting expectations too low. I know that, going into a debate, you always want low expectations so you can come out looking like you did better than expected...but there is a risk of setting them so low that whatever happens, it will be interpreted as failure.

She is clearly being set up to look like an idiot. Does anyone think all of these Conservatives calling for her to quit are serious? I don't...I think it is all part of the expectation just allows them to come out tomorrow with "Wow, I was totally wrong about her. I didn't like her, but did she ever impress me." So for her, anything better than abject failure will be seen as a good night.

Biden is almost in a tougher spot because he is expected to be so much more convincing. And he will be fine, too, because he really is a good debater...probably better than either McCain or Obama. However, he has more at risk in some senses...if the lasting sound byte from this debate is of him saying something stupid (which he does a lot;-)) then he will have failed dramatically. He needs to stay on subject, answer the questions and hit his marks. No news out of this debate is good for his camp...

One final did the McCain people sign off on Gwen Ifill as a moderator? For those of you who haven't seen, she has a book coming out about Obama and the political revolution that he is leading. Obviously, the success of that book sort of relies on him actually winning... I know that most of the "respectable" journalists lean left (or more than lean), but couldn't they have maybe picked someone who doesn't have such a vested financial interest in Obama winning? Seems like poor planning on their part.


dawn said...

I hate the idea of missing a funny story (although I do understand your desire for privacy) so I guess I'll watch the debate for a chuckle?

Me said...

Shitz. I don't think you can do password protected single entries on blogger....on wordpress yes, on blogger it's either all or nothing.

Me thinks.

I had the same issue a month or two ago....

A said...

Yeah. I don't think you can password protect one post either. But maybe you can go "private" for a few days, let us all read the exciting goodness, and then delete the post and go public again?

That's my grand idea. :)

ella said...

Thank you for giving me a heads up. I have not watched PR yet.

I too, am very fired up for the debates tonight. As long as Biden keeps the focus on McCain's policies I thin he will do okay. Really no need to do anything with Palin, she's pretty good at making herself look like an asshole. And she's real good at those under the belt attacks - kind of like that mean girl in HS.

brandy said...

Part of the reason I switched to wordpress was the password protecting abilities. (Because you know, I use it so much. ;) ).

As for the debate, I'm pretty sure Palin will do fine too. I mean, I think it will appear she does fine and then when people go back over and read the transcripts, they will realize she didn't really answer any questions with specifics. That's just a hunch though.

As for Ifill, I'm confused on that as well. Considering that the news came out in July through various media outlets like Time magazine, that she was writing this book. I do think in some ways it helps Sarah Palin, if she comes across as not knowing anything, she can blame the moderator for being unfair. Whoa. Politics is making me so cynical.