Tuesday, April 14, 2009

AM's Book of Wisdom: Chapter 1

At least 90% of humanity can be explained by two simple facts:

1) All men are pigs
2) All women are crazy


(There is no specific reason I write this today, but I am out all day and it seemed a worthy discussion topic)


Katie said...

I don't really agree that all men are pigs, but I do think all women have just a little bit of crazy in them.

laurwilk said...

I have to say I disagree on both fronts. I've always hated the 'women are crazy' comments. While I've done a few 'crazy' things in my day, everything has, at one point or another, been trumped by an even crazier man.

And I don't think all guys are pigs. While every man I've dated has had 'their moments' - none have ever been outright absurd. (Okay, potentially there's an exception or two there.)

I want to see more comments on the topic! I hope you're moderating in a timely manner! :)

Amy said...

I disagree...while I think a lot of men are pigs, the important men in my life-namely my fiance-are not pigs. I work with quite a few pigs though and I seriously wonder how these men can look themselves in the mirror. It's sick. And, again, while most women are crazy I do not think all are. But, this makes for an interesting out of the office discussion.

Ys said...

Weirdly enough I was discussing point two with my parents over the weekend. How the women in our family have a crazy streak and how both my mother and I have weirdly picked guys who are very normal to keep us grounded.

And I agree with Point One: most men are pigs. Except my guy ;) Even my girlfriends say that about him hehe. Don't even get me started on the porn-obsessed, women-degrading, disgusting pig of a men that he has to work with!