Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blog Block

I'm in a blogging funk lately...I feel like I have very little useful to write (please, hold off on the obvious "You once had something useful to write?" comments, smartass...) Not real sure what the issue is, as I feel like there are things that happen throughout the day that would make good material, but then when it comes times to actually sit down and write something, nothing seems worthwhile.

Maybe the daily writing is too much? Shouldn't be...I watch the news everyday, and I always have opinions on that. Have I just become that boring? I don't think so...I am not any more or less boring than I have been at any time in the last two and a half years. Well, maybe a little:-)

I am actually wondering if maybe my blog-secrets are getting too difficult to work around. I have never had a problem keeping this blog about 90% informed of what goes on in my life, but the truth is that you never have quite gotten the complete story. The other 10% is not really of huge importance to what I do write about (and plenty of you know pretty much all of it, I just don't write it down here), but is just not stuff that I care to share with absolutely everyone.

Recently, though, I think that I feel like that 10% is growing. Hopefully, this is a temporary circumstance and I can get back to my regular ways soon. I have no intention of quitting blogging, but I would like it to be easier than it has been lately.

Um...that's all.


A said...

Sometimes, there just isn't anything to write about. And sometimes that feeling lasts a month or three. :)

Happens to me every once and a while - I try to write through it, because I'm afraid that if I just take time off until I have something to blog about, I'll just stop blogging entirely.

The end.

Ys said...

When the stuff you can't/don't want to write about becomes the main focus of your off-line life then blogging does become a problem. I've had the same problems recently. All I can say is that when the off-line stuff calms down it does get easier to blog again.

I hope it's nothing too stressful for you *hugs*