Monday, April 20, 2009

Fake Holidays and Non-Showers

Today is the "Made-Up-Massachusetts Holiday Day"...officially known as Patriot's Day but really known as Marathon Monday.

Today, we commemorate the Battles of Lexington and Concord, fought on April 19, 1775 and triggering the dawn of our great nation. It is a solemn occasion to observe the sacrifices of the brave Patriots who rose against the World's mightiest empire in the name of freedom, liberty and a classless meritocracy. Great readings of history and discussions on the state of American ideals are held all across the state, and the cause of Democracy is forwarded greatly.

Or, if that isn't what you want to do, you can start drinking Bloody Mary's at 8:00 am so you are good and lit for the Red Sox first pitch at 10:00am, and completely hammered by the time the runners get to the finish line just after 2:00pm:-D. Most people go with that plan...

This is actually one of two made-up holidays that we have in Massachusetts. The other is Evacuation, which celebrates the evacuation of British troops after the siege of Boston in the beginning of the war. This day, coincidentally, is observed on St. Patrick's Day...isn't that convenient?!

Unfortunately, I do not get today off, so I have never partaken in the festivities. If it were warmer, I would be more tempted, but it is way too cold to sit outside all day drinking. Munchkin is going to the Red Sox game, though, and I am maybe a little jealous of that.

So, my non-shower went really well...I had a great time and it was good to see everyone in a little different environment (no kids, no husbands, etc.) They all did a good job of observing my "No gifts" rule, as well. Like I said...I am a very good communicator;-) It was just fun to see them all looking a little fancier than usual, and to see them let loose a little bit more than they usually do.

My mother's of the ones that didn't come because we do not have a real good relationship...sent a card with a really nice note in it. Basically just saying that she is also aware that we don't have a great relationship, and that she is sorry about whatever role she has played in that. It was actually quite lengthy and included a lot about Munchkin and applying some hindsight to the decisions I made that she disagreed with in the first place.

I always feel like it takes a lot for people to reach out like that, and I very much appreciate her doing so. I am sure that she feels like I have been in the wrong at least as much as I feel like she has been in the wrong, and it would be unfair of me not to recognize that she took the first step in improving that dynamic.

That doesn't mean that I suddenly like her or forgive her, but it does mean that my level of respect for her has risen. And I think I at least owe her a phone call to tell her I will call her tonight if I have a minute. Other than a couple of people that I really have no use for, I would like to have better relations with some of my relatives that I am not so great with. were really easy on both ends, no delays and no complications. Munchkin and I had our budget talk, and she seemed to take it all in with interest...maybe more on that later.

Until then, Happy Patriot's Day!


W T G said...

Thanks for clarifying Patriots Day as I thought it celebrated the New England Patriots. (j/k) Seems this week is packed w/ 'holidaze' such as Remembrance Day, Earth Day and Abor Day. I myself am fond of Arbor Day.
Be well & good cheers today.

Ys said...

It's good that your family can reach out after hostilities, and can apologise in a round about way. My mother's sister treated me like crap for years when I was a teenager (my younger sister being the issue) and has not offered a single explanation as to why she did it, or offered an apology. She just likes to act as though nothing ever happened!

Families are insane ;)