Thursday, April 02, 2009

Forever Plans

First of all, an update on yesterday's post...of the two things I really wanted to comment on, one blogger absolutely knew that his/her blog was one of them! It was about a post that had been written recently but quickly removed...basically because the author thought the same things about it that I did. And since we are all entitled to take things back now and again, I find it totally unnecessary to beat up on someone for saying something that he/she wishes had remained internal:-)

And thank you for the many kind wishes on school. I am proud of myself:-)

OK...announcement #3 in my week of announcements, and kind of a tricky one to make because I can't give you the whole story.

The Boy and I have postponed our wedding. It was supposed to be July 25th, but that is no longer going to work out like we want it to. The new date is TBD, but likely 6-8 weeks later (Maybe September 12?).

I have been asked not to broadcast the reason, although I have told several of you privately. It is not "relationship-related" at fact there was a brief discussion a while back to skip a wedding entirely and have a very small ceremony around here with just family. Basically, there is something going on, and neither of us wants to have a wedding while it is going on. If, as the Summer progresses, it is still going on and looks to continue through the Fall, then we will likely scrap the whole idea and just get married without a big wedding.

Anyway, the moving of the wedding is far from a tragedy. I am looking forward to getting all the people that matter to me together to celebrate, and I think I will have a great time, but there are some things that are more important than a party. Neither of us would really enjoy the day as much if we went ahead with it we will postpone and see what happens.

I hope the caterer doesn't get mad:-)


Princess Extraordinaire said...

Whatever the reason I am just glad you two feel better about having it later then planned...did you give the caterer a deposit?

Becky said...

Seems like the two of you are making a very mature decision.

Ys said...

Small weddings are just as meaningful :) I hope whatever is wrong gets sorted.