Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why are those soccer players carrying sticks?

Munchkin is doing better today, but she was still a little bit down in the dumps...and I think having everyone in school tell her how much they liked Frenchie sort of exacerbated the issue. I get the feeling that she would have much rather moped quietly for a little bit and moved on. Talking about it was not helping her feel any better.

I got a text from her at about 3:30 that said "Are you coming to my game tonight?" which is the sort of thing she does if she is feeling a little down and maybe a bit lonely. (Confession...I kinda forgot that it is lacrosse season...I was certain that I was going to a soccer game until I showed up...oops!). It wasn't a really busy day at work, so I skipped out at about 4:15 to head over and watch. I tried to pry The Boy away from work, but he apparently has more responsibility than me, and can't just up and leave early some days:-P

I don't really get lacrosse...but more on that some other day;-)

We stopped for dinner on the way home (I had kind of been craving a chicken parm sub...) and had a nice talk, which I hope helped. Short version...I told her that it was totally OK to be sad for a bit, but that she would feel better in a day or two and be really glad that they got to see each other for a couple of days. I was careful to avoid "You are only 14," or "Other boys will interest you," because, while very true, I didn't think it would help.

She had a lengthy email from him when she got home, which I think said a lot of the same things she is feeling...that he was really happy that he got to see her, but really bummed that it has to be so rare. I actually think that made her feel better too; I guess it is easier if there is someone else that knows what you are feeling. So, for now I think things will be kind of back to how they were...they had a great visit and will continue to enjoy each other's friendship from afar.

One final note...we didn't get home until about 8:30, and I was worried that she still had to get her homework done. So, I asked her if she had a lot to do..."No, I already did it. I knew I wouldn't want to do anything when I got home, so I asked Mr. [Asst. Principal] if I could skip an assembly to do it." Yea, that's right...she skipped out on an activity intended to be strictly for fun (It was like a science-experiment show and tell kinda thing) so that she could do her homework because she had already thought ahead to how much she probably didn't want to do it later.

Maybe I don't give her enough credit, she is much older than 19.


Katie said...

Poor munchkin!

On a positive note, I still keep in touch with a (boy) friend that I met while on vacation about 12 years ago. He lived in VA and I lived in GA so the distance prohibited any type of romantic relationship but we maintained a really great friendship!

Smoking Hot Roommate said...

I felt so bad for her the other day, she was just so sad! I never remember her getting like this before about anything.

But I will wager $4 that she is 100% better by the weekend!!! Let me know if you need anything from me to help.

Amy said...

hey girl...saw your comment on my blog. We are inviting around 375 ish but know not everyone will come. Thankfully!

Poor Munchkin. I met a guy on vacation years ago and we still talk as friends and he will be at my wedding. I never looked at him like a boyfriend (i know he wanted that from me but no thanks). There is hope for her if they want to make it work. she's so cute!

Ys said...

Aw I'm glad she's doing a bit better. It's great that he's feeling the same way about things too. There's hope yet for a big romantic end to this tale :)