Monday, June 01, 2009

Did you cry on your way to work this morning?

Weekend turned out really well. Saturday was a really nice day...warm enough to lay out and get some color. Yesterday was kinda icky, but that was OK since Munchkin and I had some shopping to do to get her settled and ready for the season. Some clothes, but mostly I had to make sure there was food and regular stuff like that. We usually don't eat real well while we are down there, so I needed to make sure there was some better food around if she will be there full time. Like...Cheerios instead of coffee cake and bacon for breakfast every morning;-)

At the moment she is at home, but she will be long gone by the time I get back tonight. I am very sad about that, and I cried a little bit on the way to work today...I'll miss her, and I am a little bit worried (although not really), and it is just one more thing that reminds me how fast she is growing up and how quickly our little adventure has moved through (gulp) nearly four years. And now I am crying again.

Change of subject...anyone else going to see The Killers in September? I think my unnatural love for them is pretty well documented around here, so you can be sure that I will be there. The new album is quite dancy:-), but it has all sorts of the ambition and random influence that the first two did as well. There are random spots where they seem to break into fits inspired by Rusted Root, and Some Girls-era Rolling Stones, and Brice Springsteen, and 80's synth-pop. Oh, and they still totally rock, just in case you were worried.

On another music note, Coldplay still rocks, too. I know that Gwyneth's husband is a total tool bag who needs to have his mouth smacked shut sometimes, but they have turned out a whole lot of consistently good music for like 10 years now. And I am not just saying that because they (maybe) wrote a song about my favorite pretend older sister!

OK, I am scattered today, but that is what you get on a Monday. Next subject...I don't write about The Boy enough. I am not really sure why this is, I guess maybe I just feel like that whole part of me is more my own than the rest of it, so I want to keep it to myself. Or, I just feel weird writing sappy love stories. I dunno.

Today, though, I want to tell you that he has a remarkable ability to read me. If I want to be left alone, or if I need attention, or if I would really benefit from a small, unexpected gift or whatever, he always seems to know the right note to play. He is funny when I need him to be, and serious when I need him to be and he listens when he has to and tells me that I am being crazy when he has to, and he always seems to be in exactly the right kind of mood.

That's why I love him:-). Well, one of the reasons.

I am a very lucky girl.


Smoking Hot Roommate said...

AM, you are gonna see her every weekend, and for probably a couple of whole weeks, too! If I know the two of you, the text count will reach the thousands and you will talk at least twice a day. She will be fine, and you will be fine!

Lovely sentiment about The Boy, and it confirms what I have said all along: you two just fit together well:-)

Jenn said...

Sending you many happy vibes :)

Ys said...

Aw I hope Munchkin's leaving goes okay *hugs*

I quite like the Killers - they're not like other bands; they're not afraid to try something new. Ray and I were discussing buying their albums just before he left for France so I expect they'll be in our CD collection before long ;)