Friday, January 19, 2007

It's Friday!

Really weird...yesterday was really cold in the morning, and I never left the office all day because I was afraid of going outside:-D. But then when I left at 5:00, it really wasn't all that cold anymore. Maybe like 30 or so. I guess I never got the "It's going to warm up" memo. Today is kinda icky; rain and mid-30's. I hear there may be some snow and slush later on. Yuck.

Went out to dinner with Munchkin, The Boy, Smoking Hot Roommate, Big Sis and their attachments. All of my sisters:-) (Well, not quite, I guess). I think we are all going to go on vacation together over Munchkin's spring break in March, but that is a little bit up in the air.

Also, I have a blog announcement...The Artist Formerly Known As "The Adorable Dork" is hereby re-named as "The Rocket Scientist". How come? Well, for one...he is in fact a rocket scientist. He works on missile guidance systems for a defense company. And second, since Big Sis' fiance is The Brain Surgeon, I feel like it makes for a nice symmetry to name Smoking Hot Roommate's fiance The Rocket Scientist. And so it is done...

[It also dawns on me that I left him completely out of my ode to her. That was bad of me...they are definitely two halves of the same person, and it is really hard to know them without each other. Sorry about that...]

I got a great suggestion from one of the school parents the other day: random dinner seating. I am gonna have boy seats and girls seats (you have to alternate at a dinner party...I learned that) and everyone is going to randomly draw their seating assignments. I think it will be fun...everyone knows each other already, so it should work. Yes, I am being a dork:-)

That's about all, I guess. I am looking forward to some alone time with The Boy tonight. He is going skiing with his sister this weekend, but we have a date tonight:-) Not sure what we are gonna do...possibly just hang around his apartment doing x-rated things...hee hee. Munchkin is going to the movies with the aforementioned Rocket Scientist and his devastatingly gorgeous woman:-D

I think I will have some follow-up news for you tomorrow related to Tinkerbelle's potential visit to see our father. I have a call to return to her Mom, and I assume it is about that. I will let you know when I do...


Tiffany 24/7 said...

Happy Friday!!
I think the random seating will be FUN!
Have fun with The Boy tonight! I know you will!
Keep us updated on the Tinkerbell/father situation.
Have a great weekend!

Jordan said...

Being excited about your party is not dorky, sister. It's fun!! I think random seating is so much better, don't stress on who is going to sit with whom. What I've done in the past (when I used to have dinner parties, 300 years ago) is put the numbered card on the plate. A bowl at the door has the numbers.. you pick a number, that's where you sit.

Accidentally Me said...

Tiffany - Will do...I think I know what the call is about, but I will let you know.

Jordan - That's the plan:-) There are two alternating sets of plates, one for men and one for woman, and each one will have its own numbers.

Aaron said...

"Went out to dinner with Munchkin, The Boy, Smoking Hot Roommate, Big Sis and their attachments."

"their attachments" HAHAHAHA

brookem said...

happy friday! have fun tonight with the boy:)