Friday, June 01, 2007

Noticing the Obvious

I had kind of an enlightening walk to work today. I think all of us, when we do the exact same thing every day, start to miss out on some of the details. I take the same route to school and then to work every day, stop at the same Dunkin Donuts, and do it all at almost exactly the same time. The last two days, however, have been a little bit different.

Munchkin has gone to her friends' house each of the last two days, which means I have dropped her off on the T instead of at school. I will admit to this being a little bit scary...she has ridden the T by herself a few times, but never at rush hour. So, being the overprotective Mom, I walked her down to the platform and made sure she got safely onto the right train (the station - Park St. for the locals - is a zoo in the morning) and off to Brookline for the day.

It must have been because I was out of my routine, but I took special note of a couple of things. First, I walk by two cemeteries on the way to work, and that doesn't even count all the people buried under Boston Common. One kinda big (and I think sort of famous) one next to the Park Street church right near the Common, and another on a little further up (Tremont and School St maybe?). It's not that I never noticed them, it is that I never stopped to think how weird that kind of is. There are cemetaries next to the Financial District. One of the tombstones had a date of death of 1596, I think (it is a little hard to read...but even if it was 1696, that is still pretty fucking old.)

And then I took special note of the Old South Meeting House on State and Congress Streets. Again, I walk by it every day, but never really stop to think how strange it is that a tiny, couple-hundred year old building is completely surrounded by skyscrapers.

So that is my lesson for the day: take a second to look around and notice all the things you may miss in your daily routine!

Other than that I don't have much for you. Munchkin's friend came back in town with her for chicken fingers and french fries last night, and I drove her home rather than put her back on the train (even though the Green Line is pretty safe at 8:00pm). It dawned on me that this was the first time I had driven my car anywhere but to the airport and back in about two months...

We are planning on going to the beach this weekend, even though the weather is not going to be great. As long as the forecast doesn't get much worse, we will go...otherwise we will stick around. The Yankees are in town again, which whips the city into something of a frenzy...even though the Yankees are like a hundred games behind the Red Sox (this is the cue for Jordan to get into a war or words over the Red Sox and Yankees with GreenLineBoy, Smoking Hot Roommate and PovosGirl).

So, I guess that is all:-) Have a great weekend!


Povosgirl said...

Red Sox are on FIRE! Youkilis will get his 23, 24, and 25 consecutive game hitting streak. Papi's due for a homerun or two and so is Manny. It's easier for Yankee fans to go to Fenway then it is the other way around. I mean, we were just there and how many Yankee fans got thrown out for starting fights with the Sox fans. You don't see that at Fenway!!
Besides, it's going to be Red Sox and the Mets in the World Series anyway! (You heard if here first). So get your money saved up to see some playoff games at Fenway!

I'll be at the Park tomorrow rooting on my team wearing me "Real Woman Don't Date Yankee Fans" shirt. Sunday I'll be at Game On watching the game!

Jordan said...

Even though they suck ass this year.. I'm still a Yankee fan and will continue to be a Yankee fan.. and I'm a real woman :)

and as a true Yankee fan would say... "we can't win EVERY year"


how's that AM?

ps.. I'd be so scared to stick my kid on the train alone... Boston must be much safer than Orlando.