Friday, June 15, 2007

Father's Day

Today is going to be a busy day, so I don't have a ton of time to write, and probably won't be around for any IM buddies looking for me:-) Normally I would just skip posting, but I have one I have been meaning to write on this day for a while now. The subject: kind of a popular one around here...

Sunday, as you should all know, is Father's Day. A wonderful concept of an entire day devoted to making grand gestures of appreciation towards people who often do lots and lots of selfless things and rarely get recognized for it. Growing up, it was always a day that reminded me that I didn't have a father, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the value of the day.

I certainly always wished that I had a father, and I remember having that specific thought on more than one Father's Day. But, truth be told, I didn't really know many kids that did have Father's around, so I guess I never felt like I was missing out on too much. Eventually my Mother got married and I sort of got swept into celebrating Father's Day with him. I never liked him enough to care that it was Father's Day, but he was Munchkin's Father, and that has to count for something:-)

Eventually, as we all know, I met my own Father a couple of times and had at least some kind of "contact" with him, even if it was never anything close to a "relationship". I did, however, make a habit of calling him on Father's Day when I could. Or at least being around to answer the phone in case he called. I don't think I ever once said "Happy Father's Day"...

So, despite never really having a Father to care about on Father's Day, this year is going to be a little bit different for me, and I won't know how I am going to feel until Sunday morning. At least in past years I actually had a person that qualified as my Father, and I guess deep down I could still hope that eventually he would be something of a Father. But now he is dead, and any hopes that I had ever harbored as a child of loving my father died with him. I know that I sort of dismissed all of those hopes years ago...but I guess I would be lying if I said they were ever really gone.

My guess is that I won't really care that much on Sunday. I am sure I will think about him, but I don't know that I will have any real "feelings". I will probably spend a lot more energy making sure that Munchkin isn't too sad over her Father not being around than I will worrying about my own. And, I will get to see The Boy' Father in the afternoon, and then have dinner with Papa Bear and all "his girls" later on. Papa Bear is the only person that I have ever bought a Father's Day card for...which I guess means something (I am gonna get The Boy's Father one this year, too.)

Neither of them may be my Father, but they are both exactly the kind of Dads that we should all be celebrating on Sunday. So they can both get my Happy Father's Day wishes...they deserve them.

I think this may have rambled a bit...but's Friday and I wanna get out of here early so I can get to the beach:-)


Scotty said...

So they can both get my Happy Father's Day wishes...they deserve them.

I liked that..

Ally said...

I'm so glad you have men like Papa Bear in your life now. Funny how sometimes we do not get what we want, but later we end up with something as sweet if not sweeter.

Have fun at the beach!

This Is Because I Can Spell Konfusion With A K & I Like It said...

Your blog interests me. I have never met my biological father, and my stepfather is very closedminded.

so yeahh just thought I'd tell you that your blog intrigues me :)


socal sweetie said...

Hopefully your Father's Day doesn't leave you feeling empty or really down. I'm sure it probably won't affect you that much because you do have amazing father figures in your lives now, and Munchkin is more than lucky to have you and Papa Bear in her life as well!

allbilly said...

I think "father" is a term that means more than sperm donor.

Your post made me a bit sad, but in the end, you get it, and honestly...right now you are father and mother. In a's YOUR day too.

Keep up the good work.

brandy said...

I agree with Ally, sometimes not getting what you want (or what you need), can later be a great blessing. I hope you have a fun (and beach loving!) father's day!