Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More on Work Guy

After I wrote yesterday's post, I got a note from Boss Foxy asking if I had heard about what the guy said in the meeting the day before. I said that I had, and she asked me if I was overly offended or whatever, and said that she and the other partners were aware of it and were trying to decide if they needed to do anything.

I told her that it bothered me, but also that I didn't want her or Papa Bear talking to him about it. The problem is that he already thinks I am the favorite, and he knows that I am quite close to Boss Foxy as well. So, my concern was that he wouldn't react well to being reprimanded by either of them, and would somehow project his anger onto me over their "protecting" me. I know that whatever happens to him, he is gonna consider it my fault, but I just feel like it would be worse coming from one of them.

(Incidentally, if Big Sis had already started working here, I would be concerned about letting him go out on the balcony for fear of being tossed over the railing:-))

So, sure enough, late yesterday afternoon, he was in Partner #3's office for a while in a clearly heated discussion, then came out of the room and left in kind of a huff. He is back in his office today, but I haven't heard anything about what may have gone on. And as usual, he didn't stop by my desk to chat this morning;-)

Honestly, I think he just got yelled at for bad-mouthing people from the firm in front of other companies, but I don't really know. Today is lunch with Boss Foxy, and I assume she will fill me in on what happened (although she doesn't have to, and may not). Whatever it was, I hope that none of it is gonna be taken out on me...

In other news, tonight is golf night...hide the women and children! Smoking Hot Roommate (who is ridiculously good) is taking us, and hopefully she doesn't get too frustrated with our suckiness. Munchkin is coming, too....12 is just old enough to be allowed to play.

I will try and not hurt myself:-)


allbilly said...

does he use the term "teachers pet"?

Double-A said...

I noticed you didn't say anything about not hurting other folks, though. :O


Ally said...

I am glad someone talked to him. Regardless of how much he believes what he is saying, he knows they arenÂșt going to fire you and that all his comments accomplish is to make him look unprofessional and harm any potential working relationship he might have with you. It must suck to be him and so caught up in something so silly.

Good luck with the golf...I only have the patience for about 30 minutes hitting range balls.

ella w. said...

I hope your game is better than mine! Lately my golf game has been resembling a game of field hockey.

brandy said...

Ahh, and this is why sometimes working with children is less stressful than working with other adults. This guy sounds like a tool and I'm glad that someone talked to him because he was totally out of line! Good luck with the golfing. I'm like Ally, and too impatient to take it seriously for a long period of time.

Anonymous said...

sounds like he has a stick up his ass and that he's intimidated by you.

Accidentally Me said...

Allbilly - Not that I know of, but that is his basic premise

Double A - I thought that was understood in the "hide the women and children" comment. I am most definitely worried about the safety of other people

Ally - I honestly don't know what the issue is. I am starting to think I once did or said something to irritate him.

Ella - It wasn't

Brandy and Kate - The thing is: he is not a tool, and he is certainly not intimidated by me. He graduted from Harvard, has an MBA from Yale, worked at Bear Stearns and Goldman Sachs. His wife is fantastic, they have two gorgeous little kids, he has a huge house in Wellesley, makes gobs of money...and for some reason he just plain doesn't like me. I can't make sense of it.