Monday, June 04, 2007

Spring Cleaning

I had a really, really fun weekend, even though we didn't really do much. Smoking Hot Roommate, Munchkin and I packed up my car on Friday with a whole mess of stuff and got on the road at a pretty good hour, got to the ferry pretty quick and got to the beach house with no real problems.

The house is, frankly, enormous, and there is a certain amount of "opening up" that needs to be done at the beginning of every year and we did a lot of it. Stuff like stocking the cupboards, putting out clean sheets and towels through the house, and random odds and ends like that.

Saturday was actually a decent day...kind of overcast, but very warm, and the sun came out in spots. But then the air really changed dramatically and it got COLD Saturday night into Sunday. Mostly we just hung out and giggled a lot. We teased Munchkin about boys, looked through trashy magazines (US, OK, Star, etc...) ate cheeseburgers, potato chips, cookies and other horrible food, and basically just hung out. We took the jet skis out for a bit just to get them warmed up...but I am still a little freaked by the Marquise Hill story from last week, so I wasn't really much in the mood. And the water was cold!!!

Big Sis and I were supposed to make our long-awaited debuts on the golf course yesterday afternoon, but it was too cold and a little rainy, so that will have to wait. We have gone to the driving range a few times, and SHR took me to a course that has a practice green last week to teach me to putt and stuff. Turns out that is a lot harder than it looks! I figured it was kinda like mini-golf, but it's not...

Munchkin came with us to the driving range, and she is going to get some lessons at camp this week. So, we may bring her with us, too...we will have to see. Anyway, Big Sis and I are going to try and play one night this week after work if we can swing it. I will let you know how it goes!

In lieu of golf, The Boy, Papa Bear, his lady friend, Big Sis and the Brain Surgeon and the Rocket Scientist came over for dinner and we had a little impromptu party:-) And then I had me a little dessert, too...:-D

Meanwhile, it is an absolutely foul day...cold, windy and rainy. Makes going back to work on Monday a little easier...I don't feel like I am missing anything good outside!


LeiselB said...

I wish I could join you! What fun! And so active....I'm impressed....

Still just me said...

Funny how the weather doesn't always cooperate. We went camping, but ended up staying in the camper all weekend to avoid the cold wind.