Thursday, June 28, 2007

Too smart for her own good

It's still super hot, and I still wish I was at the beach. The Boy and I had a date last night...we went out for Sushi, and then ice cream and just kinda walked around for a while. It was kinda fun:-) Then we went back and hung out on the deck with Smoking Hot Roommate, The Rocket Scientist and a cooler full of beers...all in all a pretty good night. And I even got to be pretty early:-)

Kind of a funny story...I have to talk to Munchkin every night before bed. Allegedly, I am tucking her in, but to be truthful it is as much for me as it is for her. So, when she was going to bed at about 10:30 last night, she called. But I was away from the phone and didn't get it...which is really rare, I almost never don't pick up when she calls, especially when I am sort of expecting her to call.

So I called her back about 10 minutes later, which led to the following exchange:

Me: "Hey kiddo, what's up?"
Munchkin: "Nothing, I was going to bed, that's all."
Me: "Sorry I missed your call."
Munchkin (giggling): "Were you having sex?"
Me (thinking): Well, a matter of fact I was.
Me (saying): "No, silly. I was on the deck and left my phone inside."
Munchkin (still giggling): "Whatever, you were totally having sex."
Me: "I was not! And I am not talking about this with you."
Munchkin (giggling uncontrollably).

This is what I get for attempting open and honest communication...I get teased by a 12 year old...

Anyway, you all have a very important job today, and I am relying on you to do it. I am leaving for the beach after work, and I am trying to get The Boy to take tomorrow off from work and come with me. He is making some noise about having stuff to day, even though he could easily work for a while from the beach if necessary.

So, we all need to strongly encourage him to take tomorrow off, leave work early today and go to the beach with me:-) I am counting on your support!!!


k.d. said...

"i was not!"

the cutest conversation! haha!

Povosgirl said...

To The Boy~

Tomorrow is Friday. Blow off work and go hang by the beach with AM and her family. They won't be here much longer and it's not like they come out to Boston that often. You have a beautiful beach house and more importantly a beautiful girlfriend who would love to spend a few extra days with you. Besides, it's almost technically a holiday weekend! So skip out of work and enjoy!

big sis said...

C'Mon, Boy, you know you can't say no to her.

But if it will help, I will let you take my car;-)

Heather said...

Live for the moment and do it!

allbilly said...


Look at the tactics she employees. Ruthless, totally ruthless, asking strangers (well, if you can count people that know about your balcony frolics as strangers) to con you into the weekender.

Not letting you doom the AHole Co-worker's nephews career...

Will it ever stop?

the boy said...

This peer pressure is too much. And Big Sis, you make a tempting offer. If I can drive, I am in!

2xA+r0n said...

To: The Boy.

I'd suggest going. You know what mischief the girls are into when you're not around to chaparone!

ella w. said...

So does munchkin know about the birds and the bees?