Thursday, June 07, 2007

Wait...lower is better?

First, work guy: I had lunch with Boss Foxy yesterday (kind of a long one, we walked over to the North End for pizza and then split a canoli...I love Boston!) and she filled me in a bit on what went on. One of the other partners admonished him pretty harshly for being unprofessional, and Boss Foxy thinks he was probably told to apologize to me, although he hasn't yet. He seems to be sort of avoiding me, but that is really not news.

But, I have a plan. I am going to try and have lunch with him, just him, tomorrow and let him say whatever it is that he wants to say. Maybe if he gets the chance to vent right at me, he will feel better and we can move on. I don't really worry about what he has to say...I am a big girl and can take criticism...I just don't want to have a person in the office that I just can't be around. So, if I don't hear from him by about lunch today, I am going to send him an email that says something like:

"Dear Work Guy,

I was wondering if you wanted to have lunch tomorrow. In light of what happened earlier this week, I think it would be a good idea to sit down and talk about whatever might be bothering you. If I ever did something to anger you, I am sorry and would like to know what it was. Otherwise, I would at least like to get to the point that we can have a productive working relationship.

Let me know how your schedule look, I can make time whenever you are free


So we will see how that goes. Now, on to golf...

I remember a long time ago, when Munchkin was like 4, my Mother and I took her mini-golfing. We told her that, like most sports, higher scores are better, so she won by getting the highest score. Well, under those rules, I came in a solid second place last

The first hole was pretty indicative of the night. Turns out that golf courses have different tees to make the course longer and shorter for different skill levels. So, like the red tees on every hole are the closest to the hole, and the blue tees are the farthest. This course has four sets of tees, including a shortest-of-them-all yellow set. Sign me up for that.

Smoking Hot Roommate usually plays whatever are the hardest ones, but she joined the rest of us to be part of the group. So, we started on hold #10 am not real sure why. We only wanted to play 9 and that is where the guy told us to go. So...we let Munchkin go first, and she hit like a big clump of grass and popped the ball pretty much straight up in the air. But it went a little ways out and was in the fairway. Pretty good start for her.

Big Sis went next, and she hit it a little bit better, but it didn't get very far off the ground and it scooted to the left side of the hole over into the rough. But not too bad. Then I went, and I actually did pretty good. It was a little bit ugly, but it went straight and it got out past the other I was feeling pretty good about myself. Then the following exchange deflated my bubble entirely:

Me: Hey SHR, how come you aren't hitting a driver like you told us to?
SHR: Because the hole is only 235 yards from here, and a driver would go too far.
Munchkin: Show off.
Big Sis: Bitch.

Needless to say, she hit the ball further than all three of us combined, and right straight down the middle onto the green. This is just one more reason boys love her.

Anyway, I think we all did OK. We hit some good shots, and a lot of bad shots. I almost got one par, but not quite...that will have to wait until next time. My putting game is just a complete lost cause...that is really, really hard. And the chipping is brutal, too. But we all had lots of fun, and it wasn't too terribly frustrating (although I can see how it would be). Smoking Hot Roommate said that we did a good job of not playing too slowly:-)

Final scores:
Big Sis: 65
Accidentally Me: 63
Munchkin: 61
Smoking Hot Roommate: 33

I am ready to go out again!


Scotty said...

Good idea on the lunch, that's pretty stand-up of you to do. Hope it goes well!

Ally said...

The e-mail is perfect. Good work AM!

GreenLineBoy said...

Was this a Par 3 course? Otherwise SHR is awesome and probably should be thinking pro.

I'm interested to hear how the lunch goes. I have a feeling no matter what you do, you won't look good in this guy's eyes.

Accidentally Me said...

So, he has accepted my lunch invitation for tomorrow...he said just "That is a good idea".

GLB - The par was 36. Yes, she is very good...and since she is allowed to play from the girls tees in company tournaments, she tends to get invited to LOTS of them...

LeiselB said...

In spite of your trouble at work your life always sounds like such an adventure!:)I love reading about it.

Lisa said...

You'd think I'd be worried about your golf-skills or the fact that there's still beef with work-guy, but all I can think of isthe canoli you had for dessert :D