Monday, February 11, 2008

Hmm...What did I do this weekend...

Looks like our nice little warm spell of last week is gone, replaced by a really cold and really windy new front. It was a VERY uncomfortable walk to work this morning.

The weekend was fun, although I totally overdid it on Friday and spent Saturday nursing a mother of a hangover. Smoking Hot Roommate and I went out with some girlfriends and drank too much. There were shots involved, and that is always bad for me. Three drinks is usually enough to get me really, really drunk (I weigh 98 pounds, what the hell do you want from me?!?!) and the second the shots come out, things generally turn bad quickly. And Friday was no exception.

I ended up staying at SHR's place (The Rocket Scientist was away for the weekend), and Munchkin woke me up with a phone call at like 10:00 to come and get her at her friend's house. Then she made fun of me for being such a mess all day. I did drag myself out of the house for her basketball game, which made me feel a little better. Then The Boy and I went out and that made me feel even better, and then we came back home and he made me feel a LOT better:-D

Didn't do much of anything yesterday. It was a really weird day...windy, rainy, sort of warm, then sunny, then snowy, then windy and cold...then REALLY windy. Munchkin stayed at SHR's place on Saturday night (they had a date:-)) and was there pretty much all day Sunday, too. So The Boy and I ended up staying in bed for much of the day. Which is just fine by me:-D.

So, to with my girls on Friday, some quality Mom time with Munchkin and Saturday, and then lots of naked time with The Boy. Pretty darn good weekend:-)


Lpeg said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend :) I was bored here in Maine... nothing to do when it's constantly snowing!!

Ys said...

Must have been one of those randy weekends this weekend cos I spent a lot of mine under the covers too ;)

Glad you had such a good weekend! :D