Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Anticlimax!!!

Anyone else's Blogger spellcheck not working? Mine hasn't for a week now or so...

Today is...quite simply...miserable. It is cold and pouring rain. I sincerely thought about taking a mental health day, calling in sick for both me and Munchkin, and curling up on the couch to watch movies with her all day. I am not really sure why I didn't, now that I think about it.

Fortunately, there is a big meeting in here today, so there will be great food in the conference room that I can poach at lunchtime and not have to leave the building (or spend any money:-D). I am hoping they have the grilled salmon that they have a lot of times...I am feeling like that today. And some cookies:-D.

So, big news out of the primaries last night. And also, kind of, no news at the same time. McCain is just as much or a frontrunner as everyone expected. Huckabee's performance was better than expected, and Romney's probably worse...but the overall results just reinforced what was expected. Unless he does something stupid, McCain is gonna be the guy.

The Democrats are basically tied. Somehow, the commentary this morning is managing to paint that as somewhat hopeful for her, but I am not seeing it. The basis of that seems to be..."Well, two weeks ago she had massive leads in California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Missouri and Tennessee. Yesterday it looked like she could lose any of them, but she only lost Connecticut and Missouri." That doesn't change the fact that she had 15-30 point leads in a whole lot of places that became really competitive, and she lost two important ones. By my count, he got more votes than her, more delegates and more states yesterday...that has to be good news for him.

But it is pretty clear that the race is far from over. He now has a stretch of 7 primaries in a row that he should do well in, and then there are a couple of big ones, mostly Texas, that she should win. So, it looks like this is gonna last another month at least. I love it!!!


Ally said...

Who needs CNN when I have your blog?!

Ys said...

Hehehe, I was thinking the same thing as Ally :)

Mmm, cookies. I had cookies last night. Yum. You've made me hungry now!

brandy said...

Yeah... it's definitely getting interesting. Especially with last night and Obama's sweep. Sure it was expected, but the momentum of such events is hard to imagine. I wonder how much it will affect events in the upcoming weeks?

AaroN said...

Spellcheck has been jacked up for a while now. I've been relying on Firefox's built-in spellcheck when typing up blogs.


I haven't really been blogging much in the past couple weeks anyway...