Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday Ramblings

Short post today...stupid work to do. I am a little irritated with the weather people this morning. They promised a really messy, icy, snowy morning that would justify my "working from home" on account of Munchkin's school being cancelled. And what do we get this morning? Nothing!

No ice, a couple snow flakes, a little rain, and more and work. I was gonna bake stuff!!! Cookies and brownies and maybe a pie! Heck, I was thinking that maybe I would make a roast to make the house smell good all day! I feel like I should hold the weather people responsible for they have any legal liability? E.b., Billy, Ally...I call on my legal team to tell me what I can do about this!!!

Glad to see Ricky got bounced from Project Runway last night...he was really awful. In fact, I can not think of a worse designer who made it this far in the history of the show. I am liking Jillian more and more as time goes along...even her coat that they hated last week had some redeeming qualities. I still love Rami, too. Christian will probably be the third finalist, and he has a really distinct style and a lot of vision...I just don't like his clothes as much. And he irritates the crap out of me. He can be really funny, but his constant Paris Hilton impersonation is hideous.

Chicken fingers tonight, and Munchkin is bringing a boy:-). He is not a boyfriend, just a very good friend of hers. I think I have mentioned him before...he is like the cutest, nicest kid ever, and I secretly want them to grow up, get married and have adorable babies. I also think he has a monster crush on her, although she either doesn't think so or just chooses to kind of ignore it. I am not really sure. Either way, they are buddies and he is gonna have chicken fingers with us tonight and then they have a school project to work on after that at our place.

That's about it for today...back to work. Congrats to Billy and Muchosfe on their big news:-)


Ally said...

I want a snow day! NOW!

And I've not had my lawyer hat on for months now, but no basis for liability is coming to mind right now. I'll think on it:)

anne said...

Only if I can find a clause that allows sunny days off to go to the beach. I'll check on that.

ella said...

Seriously AM - you need to post a spoiler alert before you spill the beans on Project Runway! I still haven't watched it yet. THANKS!

brandy said...

You realize that anytime you talk of chicken fingers I immediately wonder if I have any in the freezer?