Friday, February 08, 2008

This barely even counts as a post

Very busy today, with little time to post and little time to anything else other than finish a presentation and get it printed and bound. Crap. Stupid work...stupid non-long Friday lunch.

Awesome chicken fingers last night:-) I teased Munchkin a bit about her "boyfriend" and she got a little flushed, which means that maybe there is something there...I dunno, we'll see. Totally adorable boy, and a really sweet kid.

Smoking Hot Roommate and I are going out with some girls tonight for a night of heavy duty dancing, drinking and carousing. Trouble will most certainly be caused! I am not sure if I will meet up with The Boy later on or not, plans are kind of in the air. And Munchkin is sleeping over at her friend's, so I may end up alone in the apartment tonight:-(. Or maybe I will sleep at SHR's place so I don't get scared...:-D.

Nothing huge planned for the weekend, just some hanging around and some little errands to run. It should be nice to have a couple of days without much of a schedule!

Sorry I don't have anything more interesting today, but that is all that is going on in my world at the moment!

Anybody have anything interesting on tap for the weekend?


brookem said...

Why cant The Boy come to your place later then???

I'm going to the Bruins game tomorrow! Woot. Love hockey men.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Your weekend sounds nice and fun - enjoy!