Sunday, February 24, 2008


I have been keeping a secret for a while now, and I did a really good job with it:-). As I have mentioned, The Boy turns 30 on Tuesday (long post coming about that, I promise). Not surprisingly, his Twin Sister turns 30 as well...hee hee. And what do two 30th birthdays require? Well, a party of course!

So we had a huge surprise party for the two of them last night, and managed to completely surprise both of them. Originally the party was supposed to be on Friday, but the snow caused a one-day delay. And that "dinner with his parents" was a cover for the party...we are all so devious.

Twin Sister's wife did the majority of the planning, and Big Sis was the super-sexy hostess. Honestly, she has like the best house for entertaining that I have ever seen...the entire house just screams "party". She was kind enough to let everyone take over her place for the night, so she gets a special e-hug.

It was tons of fun. Lots of friends and family and a really good time was had by all! Their brother and sister couldn't make it up, so they weren't there...but pretty much everyone else who matters was there. It was also the first time I had seen a lot of his family since we got engaged, so it was nice to see a whole lot of them in one place.

And they were both totally caught off guard! It is very hard to pull off a good surprise completely unexpected, but this one went off perfectly. They definitely thought that we were just going to dinner...and were not at all suspicious about having to "drop Munchkin off at Big Sis's for the night."

So, a successful effort all around! Both of them were really excited about the whole idea, and very happy to see everyone. I would like to take credit for helping, but I didn't have to do a whole lot other than to play into the deception...really Twin Sister's wife gets the credit for organizing the whole thing. I have had to push back my gift to him until next weekend because it was supposed to be Saturday, but that is no problem at all...well worth it.

That's all I have for you today...I know, kinda boring...but that is what Sundays get you:-P.


brandy said...

Aww nice! I love it when a surprise party goes off successfully! Most of the 'surprise' parties I go to, someone has accidentally spilled the beans to the guest of honor, or the person has figured it out. Congrats on pulling it off!

AaroN said...

How could your big mouth possibly keep a secret that long? :P

Accidentally Me said...

Aaron - I tried to keep my mouth full whenever I was around him...zing!!!

A Life Uncommon said...

How FUN!!! I just turned 30 and didn't do anything as elaborate as a double party!! Sorry to have been lacking in posting comments... keep on sharing though!! :)