Sunday, April 06, 2008

Dates, dates, dates

Brief Sunday morning post since I kinda promised on Friday. And I am loathe to break promises. First, spa day was awesome! My skin feels great and I got like the best massage ever. Me and Munchkin and SHR had some good girl talk, too:-)

The big date Friday night was fun, and I promise we were all on good behavior. The Brain Surgeon wanted to have the "be nice to her or I will remove your intestines" talk with the new boyfriend, but I think maybe that is a little early;-). He is very nice, and she does seem to like him, although he is definitely more infatuated with her than she is with him. Ahh well, I have a feeling she may have that problem a lot...

Funny story. We had a little impromptu party at SHR's place last night. She had a couple of people over and The Boy and I ran into some others while we were out and brought them over. Then I had to go and get Munchkin but brought her back as well because it was still kinda early. So, at about 10:00, one of my friends was leaving to meet a couple other girls nearby. Literally, it was less than 1/4 away, in a very public and safe place (from Beacon Hill to Hotel Nine Zero). In other words, she would have been fine walking by herself. But that doesn't mean that Munchkin didn't make the Rocket Scientist walk her there just to be safe:-P. I have her trained well!!!

So...the big news is, of course, BFFg's date. Looks like I may need to come up with a nickname for him, because I think he may be around for a bit. I talked to her when she got back last night ("I definitely would have slept with him if I didn't like him so much. Or if I had like two more drinks"). She was really excited about it (she doesn't usually get overly nuts about new boys) and they are already meeting this afternoon to go rollerblading. I had an email from him this morning say, basically "Thanks, I had a great time. Hope to see her again."

First date seems to have been a raging success...I will continue to keep you posted. I feel like I accomplished something this

Note: Turns out I will be out of the office all day tomorrow, so you will have to accept this as a Monday post, unless I write another this evening. Many apologies;-)


nicole d. said...

Yay for the matchmaking...can't wait to hear more!

Are You Willing to Change? said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend...And it does sound like the matchmaking went well! I will never set anyone up again! I had one bad experience, but it was really bad. Hope this one turns out well!

Lpeg said...

Good for you on the matchmaking!

Ys said...

congratulations on the match-making! you're too good at this!

aww glad the big date night went well too. i hated it when my sister started dating - and she was 16!