Friday, April 25, 2008

Tee it up

Good morning and Happy Friday! Who loves weekends? Ahh...everyone's hand went up, outstanding! I am hearing that it is going to get a little bit colder here this weekend, but should still be pretty nice.

Munchkin, Smoking Hot Roommate and I went out after dinner to watch The Boy's softball game because it was so nice. She had a little bit of homework, but it seemed like something she could do at the game, so she just brought it. It was kind of an interesting conversation. Sometimes I forget that she is only 13...I think a lot of times I treat her like an adult because she acts so much like an adult. And because she can be treated like an adult. But every once in a while I am reminded just how young she is. I don't really remember what we were talking about, but I had a "she is so little" moment last night. That's good...makes me feel needed:-)

She starts Spanish class next cute is that? They have had bits and pieces of various languages already, but they start at least one full time during seventh grade, and as prep, they actually start them for about a month during sixth grade to get a head start. So, pretty soon she can be La Munchkinita.

Her brother is irritating me again. He wants her to come out and spend basically the whole summer there. And't. Nor does she want to. He may actually think he is helping me out by offering, but I think he broached the idea to all of their aunts and uncles and cousins and whatnot and they all decided it was a fine plan. I guess it was just him planning so he knew he could actually take her all summer, but now I have them all bitching at me about how great it would be and how much fun they would have and wouldn't I love to have the summer to myself. Which means that now I have to be the bitch again and tell them all no. Whatever...most of them already hate me, so I have no bridges left to burn. Argggh...

On the other sister front, I talked to Tinkerbelle yesterday...she is just the cutest thing ever:-). I was bored at work so I called her after school to chat. Nothing terribly new, but she is always fun to talk to. She gets very excited whenever we talk:-) Funny...I miss her, although I never really knew her that much to miss. Kinda weird, I guess.

In more fun news, golfing tomorrow! First time this season and I am looking forward to it! I am sure I will suck just as badly as I did last year, but will hopefully look super cute doing it. I assume that the first time out every year is pretty bad, since none of us have practiced since last fall (well, except for SHR, cuz she is all good and stuff). Wish me luck!

Not a ton else going on this weekend. I have to take Munchkin to do some more clothes shopping before summer really gets here. And The Boy and I are going out tomorrow night. We may go to a party that some of my friends are having, or we may skip it and just go home...depends on how we feel after dinner. And other than that...not a whole lot. Should be relaxing! Hope yours is, too:-)


Lpeg said...

Happy Friday!!!

It's still saying mid-50's for this weekend, which is still good, so enjoy the nice weather, and have fun golfing!

Still just me said...

You are such a great sister! If Munchkin doesn't want to go, she shouldn't go. She seems old enough and mature enough to decide that one for herself.

cindy said...

It's going to be in the 90s here this weekend. *rub rub*

If Munchkin doesn't want to be the 'bad guy' either to say she wants to stay w/you this summer, couldn't you enroll her in some short summer school class/camp/recreational shindig so there's an excuse that oops sorry, she's already enrolled and she's looking very forward to it?

Anonymous said...

You and your sort of adopted little 13 year old sister remind me of a cuter version of the show "What I Like About You"

You are a good big sister.

Accidentally Me said...

SJM - Totally agree. She is looking forward to visiting, but she has no interest in being there all summer. She is 13 and that much time away from your friends is like an eternity.

Cindy - She actually has some stuff already. But I don't really need any excuses...I have no problem telling them "No, she isn't coming for the whole summer." Like I said, they already mostly hate me anyway. It won't get any worse.

Whats that - Is that the one with Amanda Bynes? I actually have a story about her. Met her in a mall elevator in Cambrigde. Munchkin made friends with her...

Rachel said...

Hope your weekend turned out as well as you had planned! Weekends are always great! And you are a great sister!